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Avoid These Habits to Build Lean Muscle

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

lean muscle gain

Lean mass gain demands a lot of dedication, hard work, selfdicipline, and healthy habits. A single miss of them can delay your fitness goals. Lean body meaning is not being thin. It means fat free mass that consists of combined weight of bones, muscles, internal organs, tendons, and ligaments. Usually, people search for the best weight gainer in the market to gain the weight then they cut the fat. So that they could get the lean mass without losing muscles and strength. But only taking supplements and doing training is not sufficient, you have to avoid certain habits that hampers you from getting lean muscle gain

Habits To Avoid For Building Lean Muscle: 

No matter if you are taking the top whey protein, but persistent with these habits, forget your dream of getting the lean muscle. 

  • Lifting heavy: People are crazy for lifting heavy weights. They take supplements for gaining strength so that they can lift the heaviest weight in the gym. This is good for hurting yourself but not for getting  lean muscle mass. The right approach is to increase repetition with lighter weights. Do it until you hit your best in every set. Stop comparing yourself to others. Keep your goal of cutting in your mind. 
  • Avoiding Supplements: Generally, people take care of their performance in the gym. So they always focus on pre workout supplements and avoid post workout nourishment. After the training, people are hungry, if they don’t get the right nutrition at the right time, they eat anything. And destroy their goal of getting the lean muscle body. So, always focus on post workout nourishment especially protein, vitamins, and electrolytes. 
  • Rarely changing the training routine: People generally fall in the trap of comfortability. So, they avoid any kind of change in their exercise. Due to it, muscles come in stagnant and don’t get a proper result. It happens because your muscles become habitual of particular exercise, your muscles don’t pump up as they should. You have to curate an exercise plan with the help of your trainer for cutting. Though lean body men look attractive, it is hard to get the body like theme. So, put your soul in the training accordingly. 
  • Don’t Sleep properly: People who don’t take sound sleep complain, in slower muscle recovery, muscle pain, lack of energy and many others. To get the lean body mass, you need to sleep better to give a proper rest to the muscles. Sleeping helps you to revive your strength by healing your muscles, relaxing minds, releasing hormones, saving energy, and many more. Also sleeping at least eight hours has shown an increase in protein synthesis that leads to faster muscle recovery. 

The whey protein, casein, plant protein, eggs protein, and other proteins are good for lean body build. Try to take more calories from protein and fats, while gaining lean mass rather than carbohydrates. Training hard is important with good care of nourishment but also avoid these habits while getting the lean body workout.

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