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Benefits of Body Massage: An Overview

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Benefits of Body Massage:

After a long day, a relaxing body massage can put your body and mind at ease. The mere thought of gentle pressure on your stiff back evokes a soothing sensation. According to the  National Health Interview Survey (2012), 56.3% of the people used massage mainly for general wellness or disease prevention, while 41.9% used it to manage musculoskeletal health problems.

So, the question arises: what makes massage so effective that around 85.2% of users reported experiencing great results? Read this blog to explore the immense benefits of body massage, how it works, and how to gain maximum results from it.

How Body Massage Improves Your Health?

There are multiple long term benefits of massage. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

As per a study, massage therapy can be a potential treatment for people with acute stress and anxiety. This could be due to the possible links between body massage therapy and a reduction in cortisol levels, a primary stress hormone. 

2. Relieves Headaches

Nothing beats a comforting massage on your head when it is throbbing with pain. Even a simple 5-minute massage can help take a load off your mind and relax your overworked nerves. It can also be beneficial for treating migraine headaches.

3. Reduces Muscle Tension

Putting excess strain on your muscles can make them sore. This can lead to tension building up in different areas of your body. You can massage your myofascial trigger points located on the skeletal muscles to relieve pain and muscle soreness.

4. Improves Circulation

A full body massage stimulates tissues and muscles, which enhances the blood flow in the body. It also helps reduce the tightness in the congested muscles and allows better oxygen delivery, for speedy recovery.

5. Boosts Skin Health

There are various benefits of body massage for skin, such as improved elasticity, cleansing, and imparting a radiant glow. Gentle massaging is like an exercise for your skin that improves its health and appearance. This is why there is a lot of buzz around facial rollers, such as jade rollers.

6. Reduces Swelling

A unique type of massage known as manual lymphatic drainage can help reduce puffiness due to fluid retention in the body. It helps move the excess fluid in a specific body part, such as the feet, legs, or face, by increasing circulation. This technique is beneficial for people suffering from water retention.

Body Massage: Things to Keep in Mind

You can make the most of your body massage session by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Use Warm Oil

Oil massage is beneficial as it soothes skin tissues and muscles. Using nourishing oils, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil provides essential nutrients to the skin. This can also aid in wrinkle reduction, making your skin smooth and supple.

Moreover, warm oil is easily absorbed by the body, and its warmth is also therapeutic for reducing muscle tenderness. Avoid massaging vigorously without oil or cream, as it can lead to skin irritation and pain.

  • Go to a Professional Therapist

Body massage requires a skilled therapist to carry out the right procedure and technique. Going to an inexperienced person can only deprive you of the benefits, it can also lead to muscle injury.

  • Avoid Noise or Abrupt Standing

Your massage session should be peaceful and without hurry. Take your time to enjoy the process and allow your body and mind to drift off into the realm of relaxation. Also, when your massage is done, keep lying down for a few more minutes, as your body is still channeling the circulation.

  • Report Any Uneasiness

Remember to stay as relaxed as possible during your body massage. However, inform your therapist if you experience any discomfort or pain. Make sure that you are sitting or lying down in a comfortable position.

  • Avoid a Big Meal Before Your Massage

Massaging requires exerting gentle pressure on different areas of your body. Having a belly full of tacos can cause discomfort, which can hinder you from gaining the calming benefits of your body massage session.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear breathable clothes, preferably made with cotton, that aid air circulation. Avoid wearing pants and inners with tight fitting elastic bands, as they can hinder blood circulation, making the massage less effective.

  • Inform Your Therapist About Your Health Issues

Although there are no disadvantages to body massage but you may experience some if you don’t inform your therapist about things, such as oil allergies or medical conditions like respiratory diseases or cardiovascular diseases.


Body massage can be an effective therapy for managing various health problems, such as body aches, muscle tension, stress, anxiety, and puffiness. It increases blood circulation and improves overall health and wellness. Make sure to go to a trained massage therapist and avoid common mistakes during a massage session to prevent any injury.

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