Best Celebrity Abs- Six pack supreme!

Abs. The single thing that can capture the admiration from men and women alike. By some these are the hottest celebrity abs. We bring you the Top 7 celebrity abs.

Abs are probably the only muscle group that are easy to develop, yet are horribly frustrating to show. That’s because most abs are covered in a layer, or layers of fat. This layer of fat is the last thing to go from your body. Furthermore ONLY through a combination of direct ab training, a solid nutrition plan and intensive cardio exercises can this even possibly happen. Ready for the tough road ahead? Here are some of the celebs who’ve already done right and regularly rock a crazy mid-section!

7. Jason Statham and Tiger Shroff

For those of you who don’t know this man, and have been obviously living under a rock, Jason Statham rose to fame in movies like The Transporter, Mechanic and most namely The Expendables. 

Jason Statham like Tiger Shroff, does his own stunt sequences therefore is a master of core exercises and functional training. Little surprise then, that they both rock some crazy abs!

Jason Statham Abs

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Tiger Shroff Abs

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Tiger Shroff ties here with Jason Statham because not only does the have the crazy abs, but is a propagator of holistic fitness. His workout plan is the definition of crazy. Watch out for this guy, as he’s surely going to take stunts, workouts, his crazy physique to a whole new level!

6. Shahrukh Khan

Another home grown king. While King Khan needs no introduction, he certainly deserves this well coveted position on any celebrities with the best abs list. We’ll be the first to admit he never has the muscle mass or the crazy physique that the others do. However in terms of definition of abs and the number of abs, he’s right at the top. His 8-pack for one of this recent bollywood ventures not only shows the dedication he brings to the table but also a reminder that age is truly a number!

Sharukh Khan Abs

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5. Zac Effron and Farhan Akhtar

Now now, don’t look at Zac Effron as the kid from High School Musical. Rather, look at him as a greek god who came to the beach in the upcoming flick ‘Baywatch’. Zac Effron is not only insanely ripped, but he has stated that ‘The Rock’ has trained him. When you get the man who played Hercules himself, to train you, the physique speaks for itself.

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Farhan reached his pinnacle for this physique while playing the character of the iconic Milkha Singh. His trainer, Samir Jaura explicitly stated that Farhan is extraordinary when it comes to maintaining workout discipline, diet and cardio. This is precisely why he could transform twice over in one movie. 

Farhan Akhtar Abs

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4. Hrithik Roshan

Come now, this is probably the fittest guy in all of Bollywood. The aesthetics, the muscle ratios and furthermore the function of the muscle. Being that jacked and being the best dancer in Bollywood aren’t usually complimentary traits but Hrithik pulls it off spectacularly. Plus he’s got a set of abs and obliques to die for so that’s always a pro.

Hrithik Roshan Abs

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3. John Abraham

The modern-hulk of Bollywood, John Abraham’s physique needs no introduction. The man who had an alright physique in Dhoom, now has had some crazy muscles. His workout plan is no joke and neither is his dedication to fitness. There are however some who really put him to shame despite this. John’s obliques and abs, with the muscle mass he carries, puts him on top of the Bollywood pack.

John Abraham Abs

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2. Sylvester Stallone

There are exceptionally few people who can beat John Abraham’s physique. Fortunately for you we have them rounded up and they can’t be contested. I mean come on! Sylvester Stallone played the two most famous action stars, Rambo and Rocky! To be Rambo and Rocky both, you need to have a chiseled body and an eternal six pack. Sylvester Stallone at 70 with his abs is putting younger physiques to shame. No wonder he’s the lead in the Expendables then!

Sylvester Stallone Abs

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1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The one. The only. The legend. There is no contesting that this man has had an amazing physique regardless of age and continues to have a defined mid-section even though he is 69 years old! He’s at the top of the list because not only does he have the best celebrity abs during his time as a bodybuilder, winning back-to-back Mr.Olympia’s, and not to forget. He’s terminator. Enough said.

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