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Best Diet Plan After COVID-19 Vaccine — An Insight

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

diet plan after covid vaccine

COVID-19 has affected our lives in ways that no one could have imagined. Where people strive to survive in such harsh conditions, vaccination against COVID-19 has entered as a lifesaver for all of us. However, did you know that among the various dos and don’ts related to the vaccine, a healthy diet plan too, is worth considering? Yes, it is vital to focus on your post-vaccine diet plan to help maintain your immunity and gain the maximum benefit from the vaccination.   

The pandemic has left us confused and struggling on many fronts. Those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 are wondering for how long will they remain immune to the virus? or can one still get COVID-19 and infect others? Will you get a fever after the vaccine? How long should preventive measures be taken after vaccination? What type of diet plan should you take for better immunity?  

Amidst all these questions, one thing that is clear is the need for strong immunity to fight this disease. Irrespective of whether one is vaccinated or not, good immunity is the key to stay safe. Hence it is only natural to focus on a healthy diet plan both before and after vaccination. 

Focus on a good diet and nutrition, plays an important role when it comes to fighting any disease or illness. There are certain foods that will help you in the long run in combating the effects of viruses and vaccines. 

What to Include In Your Diet Chart After Vaccination

Once vaccinated the goal is to stay strong from within. Here are some foods and fluids that you must include in your daily intake after vaccination in order to create a healthy diet plan.

#1. Water

benefits of drinking water

You do not need a diet chart to tell you that water is an essential part of every diet plan and the same applies here. To prevent any hash side effects like fever after the vaccine or dehydration, you need to drink a lot of water.  

Make sure the water is at room temperature. Start increasing your water intake an evening prior, and maintain it for a few days after you have been vaccinated. To maintain sufficient fluid intake one can additionally consume soups, normal teas, green teas, and juices (without added sugar).

#2. Add whole-grain foods

Whole-grain foods

Whole-grain foods are highly effective in building immunity and are suggested to take after vaccination for the same reason.  Whole-grain dinners such as oatmeal, corn, millet, earthy rice, quinoa, and whole-grain bread help strengthen the immune system and build resistance to disease and infection. The aim here is not to create a food dieting chart for weight loss, but to include food items that will lend you the inner strength to fight the virus. Be careful not to confuse the goals here and reject carbs from whole grains.  

#3. Snack on Chocolates

boosts immunity

Dark Chocolate boosts immunity and regulates mood offering support to your nutritional intake. It also helps in reducing the risk of coronary artery disease. 

In most cases, COVID -19 vaccination has shown common side effects like fatigue, low mood, and tiredness. Some people also feel lethargic due to fever after the vaccine. Having a bit of dark chocolate in the evening will enhance your mood and leave you feeling less drained, as chocolate offers instant energy. 

#4. Chicken/vegetable stock soup

After vaccination diet

After vaccination, your objective should be to enhance your immunity and build strength. Have soups, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian chicken soup. This will not only build strength but will also help your gut and build intestinal health. Include them in your diet chart for about a week to 15 days post-vaccination. 

#5. Raw Garlic

Raw garlic

Raw garlic contains manganese, Vitamin B6, fiber, selenium, Vitamin C, calcium, copper, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. It is highly beneficial to fight colds, flu, and infections. 

Therefore, when you create a post-vaccine diet plan remember to swallow raw garlic early in the morning for added benefits. 

#6. Turmeric


Turmeric or Curcumin is known as a strong accelerator. This superfood can also lower blood pressure, promote absorption, rejuvenate and relieve relapses. Turmeric can be taken with milk before the vaccine, while detoxifying turmeric green tea can be had after the shot to soothe the mind and act as a good immunity booster.

#7. Whole grains

high-protein diet

Fibre-rich whole grains can improve inviolability. Semolina containing whole grains, millet, quinoa, rice, corn, popcorn, whole wheat bread, or tortillas should be suppressed with oats to increase fibre intake. A high-protein diet plan is essential to boost the benefits of the vaccine.

Including these aforementioned foods in your diet plan post and around inoculation will help you heal faster and stronger. These foods have dietary benefits that aid in combating this deadly virus and affect the vaccine that will develop. Here we have also listed for you some dos and don’ts that you can add on in your diet chart to have a smoother development.

Do’s & Don’ts After Vaccination


  • Take rest: Specialists say that if the body re-establishes its guard instruments during rest, the absence of rest can prompt immunosuppression. 
  • Physical Activity: It is also important to keep up the blood flow in the body, which is the reason specialists suggest some type of activity as well after inoculation. Physically active people adapt better after vaccination. Maybe regular 30 min walks are a good idea to keep yourself active pre and post-vaccination. 
  • Watch your symptoms: Keep a check on your symptoms and consult a doctor if there are any usual sensations or experiences. 


  • Avoid liquor: The body needs water. A few groups may likewise encounter side effects like sore appendages, exhaustion, fever, and torment. Drinking liquor during this period can worsen the symptoms and also lead to dehydration.  
  • For a few days do not add meat and milk to your diet chart after vaccination as they negatively impact gut assimilation. 
  • Avoid junk and tea or any unusual foods to prevent digestion-related issues. 
  • Avoid smoking to let your lungs relax and remain stress-free for a few days post-vaccination.
  • Stay away from hearty dinners like cheddar cheese, cream sauce, steak, grilled dinners, and sweets. 
  • Do not take vaccination on an empty stomach.

While it is not mandatory to maintain a pre and post diet chart for vaccination,  it is best to remain on a high fibre and protein-rich diet. If you are still skeptical about what to pick after vaccination? Then you must consult your nutritionist before making any final decision. For the time being, the above-mentioned dietary suggestions will help you stay strong and healthy.

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