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Best Routine for Morning Gut Cleanse & Morning Digestion

Written By Garima Bahal
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Morning gut cleanse
Tips to Taking Care of Your Gut Health
Habits to Avoid if You Have a Sensitive Stomach in the Morning

Our overall well-being depends on digestion and morning digestion is the most crucial part of it. So, we need to not only eat right but also do lots of other things right. This includes building a daily routine for morning gut cleanse. It will help in resolving chronic digestion problems and make us lead a healthy life. All other systems in the human body work well when the digestive system functions optimally. Diseases strike when digestion is not proper; that’s why doctors say that good digestion is the key to happiness, good health, and success. 

Some of you, especially those who wake up late in the morning may ask why we emphasize morning gut cleanse; why not just gut cleanse that can be done any time. Well, the answer is that this is as per the demands of an inbuilt biological clock running continuously in our bodies. This clock sets our bodies into a natural routine in which our digestion works best at certain hours of the day, which is generally morning. That’s why it is best to start our gut health initiatives in the morning itself. 

In our busy modern lives, while taking care of ourselves and our family, we often encounter digestion-related problems. Nagging little worries, such as digestion problems, what to do for good digestion? Sensitive stomach in the morning, being constipated, or suffering from bloating first thing in the morning are some problems that if ignored may turn into bigger issues. 

Tips to Taking Care of Your Gut Health

If your worries revolve around the question, “how to clean your gut in the morning?”, this list is for you, here are some steps you can follow. They will help you build the best routine for morning gut cleanse that is perfect for you.

1. Stay Relaxed When Waking Up

By waking up all relaxed, we mean waking up on your own, naturally, without the aid of any unpleasant sounds hitting your ears. When you wake up calmly, our morning digestion happens in a relaxed manner. Everything falls into place and our bodies work as per the natural rhythm. 

This is, of course, easier said than done. Most of us wake up to loud, harsh alarms set on our mobile phones these days. They set our pulses racing and stomachs churning like hell. In the current scenario, this is unavoidable but we can try to work around this problem by doing the following things:

  1. Set a soft-sounding alarm that increases in intensity with every minute ticking by. 
  2. Use an alarm mechanism that depends on light. Once it is set off, its brightness keeps increasing with every passing minute.
  3. Go to bed early at night, latest by 11 PM. The best time to fall asleep is between 10 pm and 11 pm as per body’s circadian rhythm(Internal clock). After a sound sleep, you would find it easier to wake up in the morning, well before your alarm starts ringing. 
  4. If you suffer from insomnia, you should see a doctor, as adequate sleep is important for good health. 

2. Have a Glass of Warm Water 

Immediately after getting up from bed, you should have a glass of warm water. Lemon juice helps in improving digestion as well. So, if you add a few drops of lemon juice to it, it will make you feel better. 

You can also boil some water along with some herbs and spices such as ginger/ginger powder, Tulsi leaves, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, carom seeds, etc. Once the quantity of water reduces to half, cool it, and drink it when it is lukewarm. It will go a long way in improving your morning digestion

3. Reserve at Least Ten Minutes for Yourself

Modern life loads you with so many pressures and responsibilities. But you just have to take time out for yourself. Any kind of activity, such as listening to music, yoga, meditation, etc. that relaxes you, makes you feel happy, and keeps you mindful will do. 

When we are calm and free from stress, our digestive system works in an optimal manner. It helps in maintaining good gut health. We suggest that you stay away from social media and news at this time and just focus on yourself. It will help you bring your morning digestion in the right direction. 

4. Plan Your Day to Avoid Stress

Last-minute confusion and chaos happen in the morning when you don’t plan properly. There’s no point in forgetting things, rushing around, etc. They make you get into a tizzy and your morning digestion goes completely haywire. 

As mentioned earlier, anything that disrupts the digestive system is bound to cause harm to your gut health. So, you must plan your mornings in advance. Think ahead and act accordingly. Once you make this a regular routine, you will find your life undergoing a wonderful transformation that you never imagined earlier.     

5. Avoid Distractions While Eating Breakfast

Have your breakfast in a relaxed manner. Don’t rush around. Sit down on a chair and stay away from distractions, such as the TV, mobile phone, newspapers, etc. Fill your heart with gratitude to God and say a silent prayer. 

Just concentrate on your food; its taste, smell, and colours and chew properly. When you enjoy eating your breakfast, it will give you a great start to your morning digestion. Problems like heartburn and bloating first thing in the morning, will soon become history that may never repeat itself.   

6. Increase Your Intake of Fibre-Rich Foods

Fibres are those substances that remain undigested but they feed the good bacteria in the gut. They add bulk to the stool and increase the morning digest. So, they play a vital role in ensuring good digestion, especially morning digestion and a great morning gut cleanse

We must have a fibre-rich diet. Not having fibres in sufficient quantities may cause constipation and bloating first thing in the morning. Fibres also help the intestines in working properly. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of fibre and we should add them to our regular diet. 

Habits to Avoid if You Have a Sensitive Stomach in the Morning

Let us now discuss the things we must avoid doing to ensure optimal digestion and morning gut cleanse.

1. Taking a High-Sugar Diet

A diet containing a high amount of sugar, such as fruit juices, sweetened curds, etc., may cause problems of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, and bloating first thing in the morning. Instead we should opt for diets that have a high fibre content. Our bodies benefit more from them. 

2. Doing Everything in a Hurry

Rushing around without any prior planning and doing everything in a hurry in the morning may create problems, especially when it comes to morning digestion. You may not find time to even go to the toilet and clear your bowels properly. So, you should try to plan and let your digestive system work at a relaxed pace.  

3. Having Cold Water or Fruit Juices

Cold liquids, such as water and fruit juices, add stress to the digestive system, especially when we have them first thing in the morning. They hinder morning digestion. Our bodies prefer warm liquids, especially in the morning. So, it is better to start with warm water with some herbs like ginger, tulsi, etc. added to them. We can also add some drops of lemon juice. 

4. Taking Caffeinated Drinks in the Morning 

Some people like to start their day by having some tea or coffee. If you are following this routine, you should consider changing it. Start with some warm lemon water. Caffeinated drinks play havoc with gut health by making the digestive system work harder. Drinks with caffeine in them act as stimulants and increase stomach acid which may cause heartburns, nausea, acid reflux, and indigestion. This is not good for your health, especially morning digestion. 


It is not very difficult to maintain your gut health and ensure healthy morning digestion if you know what works best and what needs to be avoided. We hope you found the information we have shared above useful and interesting. These are simple steps, which if incorporated, can not only improve your digestion but overall health, mood, and quality of life as well. So, go ahead and give these a try and let us know if these made a difference to your life.

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