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Black Beans Nutrition: 5 Benefits as a Protein Source

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Black beans nutrition

Beans are probably amongst the most underrated protein-rich foods. There are many different types of beans and one of the most high-protein among them is black beans. If you wish to have black beans nutrition as part of your daily diet, then there are several ways you can prepare this healthy legume.

How to Consume Black Beans?

Black beans are unique because you can prepare them in several creative ways. You can mash boiled black beans and use them as a side instead of mashed potatoes. Or you could even blend black beans into an energizing smoothie. On the other hand, you could even turn black beans into a flavourful dip for nachos. If you look at the black beans nutrition facts, then you will realise that they can provide you with a protein-rich snack made easily right at home.

Benefits of Black Beans Protein

There are several benefits you can reap from black beans. Some of the major benefits have been listed below:

1. Help Promote Weight Loss

The benefits of black beans include weight loss and weight management because of their two main nutrients – protein and dietary fibre. Protein helps to increase your metabolism such that you burn as many calories as you are eating. This prevents you from putting on unnecessary weight. Moreover, dietary fibre in black beans keeps you feeling full and eliminates untimely hunger pangs which can help you control your weight. 

2. Help Regulate Blood Sugar

The main reason black beans protein is considered healthy for people suffering from diabetes is because of the blood sugar-regulating properties of protein. The proteins in black beans help to prevent overeating as well as the loss of excess body fat. These are two of the key factors that are necessary to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar. Hence, black beans nutrition is something that people with diabetes should definitely consider including in their diet. 

3. Help Promote Muscle Regeneration

Black beans nutrition facts state that it has a good amount of lysine. Lysine is a type of protein that promotes muscle growth and regeneration. In fact, black beans are one of the few plant-based sources that have this type of protein. Lysine is more commonly found in animal-based protein sources. Hence, consuming black beans protein on a regular basis can help you maintain strength in your muscles. It can also help the elderly regain muscular strength to some extent due to muscle regeneration. 

4. Help Restore Cardiac Health

While the research shows that black beans nutrition can benefit you by helping reduce cholesterol, it is also true that the proteins in black beans can strengthen your cardiac muscles. There has been additional research that has proven that Lysine (a type of protein) helps to boost cardiac performance. Since black beans protein is basically Lysine, they can help restore cardiac health as well as enhance the strength of cardiac muscles to rejuvenate your cardiac performance. 

5. Help to Maintain Bone Density

The benefits of black beans do not end here because along with Lysine, these legumes also contain arginine, which is another type of protein. Laboratory studies have proven that Lysine and Arginine are the two key proteins that activate bone-building cells. These cells produce collagen protein (which is another type of protein that helps strengthen muscles and bones). Together these proteins promote bone density and prevent or delay the onset of ailments like osteoporosis. 


With such a wide range of benefits imparted by black beans protein, you should definitely consider giving this healthy legume a try. Black beans are available readily in the local market and can also be prepared in a variety of ways as mentioned earlier. Moreover, they taste just as good as red kidney beans (Rajma).

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