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Celebrating International Men’s Day the Right Way

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International mens day
When is International Men’s Day?
History of International Men’s Day
Why We Love International Men’s Day
Tips to Improve Men’s Mental Health

International Men’s Day honours the positive contributions that men make to the world, their homes, and their communities. Every year, International Men’s Day is commemorated to appreciate the contributions of men and boys to the country, society, and community at large. International Men’s Day was first observed in India in 2007 by India Family, a renowned men’s rights organisation.

The goal of celebrating International Men’s Day 2022 is to raise awareness about men’s health and examine the social, psychological, physical, and intellectual aspects of their lives. Men’s discrimination is also highlighted on this day, as is the need to work toward improving gender relations and equality. It is also observed to raise awareness about issues affecting men’s health and wellbeing.

When is International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19th every year. In fact, a whole week in November is recognized to be “men’s health week” to raise awareness about men’s health and wellness and encourage them to become mentally and physically healthy men in the society.

History of International Men’s Day

The director of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies, Thomas Oaster, asked organisations in the United States, Australia, and Malta to host local International Men’s Day activities during the month of February in the early 1990s. After 2 years of joyful celebrations, Malta was the only country to continue the celebrations of International Men’s Day.

Jerome Teelucksingh of the University of the West Indies resurrected the day in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999. Teelucksingh recognized the value of great male role models because his father had set an outstanding example for him and he picked November 19 to commemorate both his father’s birthday and the day a local soccer team had unified his country’s quest to qualify for the World Cup.

Since Teelucksingh’s resurgence, International Men’s Day has helped to promote positive attributes of male identity, based on the assumption that positive role models are more constructive than negative stereotypical gender roles. The celebration of International Men’s Day isn’t meant to counteract International Women’s Day but rather to talk about the importance of men’s health and wellbeing as well as positive masculinity.

Why We Love International Men’s Day

Here are a few reasons why International Men’s Day is significant:

1. It’s a Day to Celebrate All Men

The popular phrase “every day is International Men’s Day” may be true in some cases but the fact remains that not all men are honoured equally. International Men’s Day serves as a reminder that men come in all shapes and sizes and they all deserve to be heard.

2. It’s a Day for Helping People

Men are under a lot of social pressure – for instance, they’re supposed to be the givers and should avoid asking for help or expressing their emotions. The goal of International Men’s Day is to confront these issues and redefine masculinity.

3. It’s All About Gender Equality

Gender equality is a good objective to aim towards and International Men’s Day serves as a reminder to make an extra effort to foster positive relationships across the gender spectrum.

Tips to Improve Men’s Mental Health

To commemorate International Men’s Day 2021 on November 19th, we’ve compiled a list of tips that may benefit you or the men in your life. Although men and women face many of the same issues in life, males face certain unique challenges, especially when it comes to mental health.

Although changing a lifetime’s conditioning is difficult, there are certain things you can do to help yourselves or other men and boys you know with their mental health, such as:

1. Get Talking

Whether it’s your parents, companion, friend, or counsellor, it’s critical to find at least one person with whom you can open up. Consider reaching out to them this men’s day. This should be regardless of whether you’re dealing with a mental health condition, some health issue, or any other situation that’s weighing on your mind.

2. Avoid Using Alcohol and Drugs to Cope

Many people consume alcohol or even use recreational drugs to unwind or have enjoyment. However, some men tend to abuse these substances and use them as a coping mechanism during stress or other adversity.

Try to be more cautious of your drinking habits. Try to determine whether you’re simply having a good time or burying unresolved issues.

3. Find an Activity You Enjoy

Modern life may be chaotic and hectic, leaving some of us exhausted and stressed. As a result, it’s necessary to find an activity that will allow us to relax and unwind on our own time. It’s strongly recommended that you discover your own fun and stress-relieving hobby to help you feel your best, whether it’s trying out or cooking new cuisines, learning a new skill like mountain climbing, or reading an insightful book or novel. 

4. Get Moving

The workout should not be something we ‘need to’ or ‘should’ do, so choose things you enjoy doing – don’t sweat it out at the gym when you’d rather be playing soccer or swimming laps. Even 10 minutes of moderate exercise can boost our energy levels, improve our cognitive performance, and keep us in a good mood. 

Regardless of the activities, this has a lot of potential to improve men’s wellness. Moreover,  people who engage in regular physical activity have higher self-esteem, less stress, and less anxiety, according to research. Regular exercisers may also be less prone to acquire mental health issues and if they happen to have one, they may be able to manage it better.

5. Get Better Sleep

Sleep and mental health are inextricably linked. Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis might make you feel less exhausted through the day, more capable of coping with everyday chores, optimistic with strong self-esteem, and less anxious or agitated.

Restrict your late-night device usage, do some exercise during the day, eat a balanced diet, and make your bedroom a sleep oasis to get a normal 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

6. Eat Well

Even when you’re sleeping, your brain works hard to allow you to think, move, breathe, and survive. As a result, it stands to reason that how you fuel your brain, such as what you eat or drink, will have an impact on its performance and eventually, your mood and mental health.

A diet high in convenience and refined meals, such as sugary snacks and processed foods, can be damaging to the brain. On the other hand, a nutritious diet with fruits and greens can nourish your brain with vitamins and minerals.

In fact, a high-refined sugar diet has been related to poor brain function and anxiety in several studies. Eat a diversified diet rich in vitamins that you require to thrive. What you put in your body has such a big impact on your overall well being – this must be a no-brainer.

7. Break the Monotony

Although our routines help us be more productive and increase our feelings of comfort and safety, a breath of fresh air can help to liven up a dull schedule. Change up your running routine, go on a road trip, go for a walk in a new park, hang some new art, or try a new restaurant, and actually celebrate men’s day everyday.

8. Set Realistic Goals

Decide what you want to accomplish academically, economically, and emotionally, then lay down the steps to get there. Dream big but stay grounded and don’t overbook yourself. As you get closer to your objective, you’ll feel a fantastic sense of fulfilment and self-worth. Make sure that from this International Men’s Day, you start working towards your goals while ensuring you’re not being hard on yourself.

9. Get Back to Nature

According to a 2014 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, depression is connected to a sedentary life. So, ditch the binge-watching and go for a walk instead.

You get brownie points if you can find a tree. Human contact with nature is very helpful as a part of a strategy to address mental health issues such as depression, according to a study published in the journal Health Promotion International. The study also discovered that a lack of touch with nature is linked to a decline in physical fitness. So, jogging in a park can contribute immensely towards men’s health.

10. Learn to Ask for Help

For many men, not understanding how to ask for help is a huge issue in many aspects of their health.

From avoiding to visit the doctor’s for sickness to refusing to admit or work on mental health concerns, this evasion issue is not going to help anyone – men in particular. So, the next time you feel physically or psychologically unwell, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor and get the care you need starting this International Men’s Day. Because if you just assume you won’t reach a brighter place, problems could get a lot worse.


It’s difficult to think about mental wellness. Moreover, realising that you’re having trouble or might need assistance isn’t always easy – especially for males. It is, nonetheless, better to speak up. Whether you seek aid from a friend or a family member or see a doctor, there is help available. Furthermore, there are various techniques to manage your mental health on your own.

So, this International Men’s Day 2021, make sure to take care of your mental and physical health and if you know someone who’s struggling, be there for them and help them cope up with the same!

Frequently Asked Question

Why is International Men’s Day celebrated?

International Men’s Day is observed every year with the aim to support and celebrate men and boys from diverse ages and cultures. They are also encouraged to bring up any issues faced by them without the fear of judgement.

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