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Stress Relief Exercises and Other Practices That Must be a Part of Your Lifestyle

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Stress Relief Exercises

Stress is necessary to cope with daily life difficulties but being over-stressed can affect your physical and mental health. To keep your mind and body calm, it is necessary to keep this stress and to keep overthinking at bay. That is where stress relief exercises come into the picture. 

These exercises not only improve mental clarity and calmness, focus, optimistic thinking, and decision-making but also help increase the blood flow, providing you with more energy. 

Stress Relief Exercises and Other Activities

Following is the list of best methods to relax your mind and get peace from within:

1. Breathing Exercises

The idea of breathing exercises can be obvious but it works effectively to relax your whole body. Sit in a peaceful place to practise breathing exercises and keep your mouth closed. 

Start taking deep breaths slowly and hold them for seven eight seconds. Then slowly exhale your breath. Repeat this process four or five times until you feel relaxed. 

If you find any problem slowing your breathing for more time, you can start at a faster pace and gradually increase the time. There are many more breathing exercises you can try to reduce stress.

2. Meditation

Meditation is a way of making mental space and focusing on the inner self. People have practised meditation for many years.

It is a relaxation exercise that will eliminate all kinds of negative thoughts and stress from your mind. You can perform it in any quiet and peaceful space; all you need to do is lie down or sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. While doing this, it is natural to get restless thoughts, but you should try to avoid them as much as possible and focus only on positive things. 

Try to imagine any place or something where you find peace and continue to focus on it and its details. Meditate for at least ten to fifteen minutes, or you can do it as long as you want. 

With time and practice, the duration of mediation will increase, and as a result, you will be able to focus more on your inner self. You can play calming or soothing music or an upbeat song, which will help you concentrate better while meditating. There are various ways to reduce stress but meditation is one exercise that should definitely be a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

3. Journal Writing

When you were a kid, you must have a diary where you used to confess your feelings and struggles without judgement.

When you grew up, you stopped using one. But it still holds the same benefits and is a great stress treatment source; now, it is known as journaling. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression and do not know how to relax your mind, writing a journal is a good idea. 

To start your journal writing, take a pen and paper, or you can make a copy or diary as your journal paper. Then you start writing down your thoughts, and you do not have to follow any rules to write this. You can write whatever you want or feel and do not worry about anything else. Your journal is your private thing and you don’t have to share it or show it to anyone.

It is a process to destress yourself through writing. Many psychologists and counsellors suggest writing a journal to relax the mind and get to know the inner self.

4. Muscle Relaxation

Doing progressive muscle relaxation will help you to soothe your mind. It is a technique where you tense your muscles and then relax them.

Among the various stress relief exercises, it is the easiest one. Start tensing your muscles one at a time. This includes knitting your eyebrows, forehead scrunching, frowning, and many more. Then let go of the tension and relax your muscles. You can hold the tension in your muscles for around five to ten seconds each before releasing them in order. 

While releasing the tension from the muscles, you must focus on the changes you feel when your muscles are relaxed. Performing progressive muscle relaxation will not only help you in getting rid of anxiety or mental peace but it will also help you get rid of insomnia.

5. Nature Retreat 

As you can see, there are many tips to reduce stress, but spending time outside for a few moments in green spaces or open air can also help you relax or feel better. 

You can also participate in gardening in your house or any local green project. If you can’t go outside, you can watch videos related to nature or simply listen to audio that has sounds of nature. This will also help you calm your mind.


Stress, anxiety, and overthinking are a part of regular life. But it is necessary to throw out these negative thoughts to calm your mind and body. As stress from workplace or family problems can block your mind with negative thoughts, it is vital to practise stress relief exercises and make some healthy habits a part of your life.

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