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Check Out These Wonder Foods That Increase Libido

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Foods that increase libido

We are what we eat. Our overall health, outlook, and sexual desires are linked to food. And if you are experiencing low libido or afflicted stamina to enjoy an intimate time with your partner, it’s time for a diet revamp. Read through to know how foods improve sexual well-being and the foods that increase libido.

Role of Food in Enhancing Sexual Health

A nutritious diet can benefit sex life in the following ways:

  1. Boosts libido – Libido is the desire to have sex. Once a man or a woman feels encouraged about a sexual act, his or her body manifests changes to take them through. Lack of libido fails to bring about the body changes that are required for a satisfying sexual act.
  2. Improves blood flow and heart health – A good sex life is crucial for heart health. Sex improves heart rate and helps keep estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. Sexual intercourse proves to be a great workout to keep the overall body healthy.
  3. Improves stamina – The body requires stamina and strength to reach the climax. Foods help build stamina for a prolonged erection. 

Causes of Low Libido

Libido is a sexual drive. A person’s libido is controlled by brain functioning. It fluctuates due to varied reasons. The main causes of low libido are:

  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Mental state
  3. Stress
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Drug usage
  6. Body image problems
  7. Low self-esteem
  8. Fatigue
  9. Antidepressants
  10. Pregnancy

Foods Linked to Increased Libido

While certain medications promise to increase sexual appetite, certain foods are a safe and natural way to increase libido. Top-rated foods that increase libido are:

1. Zinc Rich Foods

Zinc is revered for its aphrodisiac properties. Foods rich in zinc increase blood flow to sex organs, thus inducing sexual desire and enhancing pleasure and performance.

Oysters, strawberries, raspberries, milk, nuts, etc. are important foods to increase libido in males as zinc is especially important for regulating testosterone levels in males. 

Walnuts, an excellent source of zinc, are known to improve sperm quality in men. Research shows that walnuts improve the shape, movement, and vitality of the sperms in men, improving male fertility.

2. High-Protein Foods

Certain meats like beef, chicken, and pork that contain amino acids, namely carnitine and L-arginine, are typically helpful in improving libido. While steady blood flow is crucial for maintaining sexual response in both genders, animal-based proteins help correct problems related to erectile dysfunction in men. 

Plant-based protein sources rich in carnitine and L-arginine are whole grains, milk, and different types of nuts and seeds like cashews, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.

3. Foods Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Salmon, sardines, tuna, and halibut fish are especially rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which play a key role in improving sex life. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids is vital for the smooth functioning of the circulatory system. Steady blood flow is crucial to experience and enjoy sexual stimulation during intercourse.

4. Flavonoid Rich Fruits

A diet rich in fruits that are packed with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant, boosts overall health and promotes sexual well-being.

While fruits like strawberries, blueberries, dark-coloured grapes, and cherries are extremely helpful, apples take the lead. Apples are packed with quercetin, a flavonoid. It plays a crucial role in promoting blood circulation, resolving symptoms of erectile dysfunction and managing symptoms of prostatitis, a condition linked to inflammation of the prostate gland.

High blood pressure is a leading cause of low libido in females. This disrupts the blood flow to the vagina, lowering the response to sexual activity. Quercetin is known to lower blood pressure, thereby enhancing sex life.

5. Nitrate Rich Vegetables

Dietary nitrates play an important role in vasodilation and expansion of blood vessels. The process helps improve blood flow. Dietary nitrates are also important for muscle contraction, an action common during sexual activity.

Vegetables like beetroot, spinach, arugula, garden cress, lettuce, celery, and radish are typically rich in dietary nitrates. No surprise, beetroot juice is one of the important drinks that increase libido.

Relationship Between Alcohol and Sexual Health 

Much against the popular notion that alcohol leads to better sex, the fact is that alcohol decreases performance and stamina. 

Although alcohol increases sexual desire and arousal, intoxication interferes with the ability to feel sexual stimulations. Excessive alcohol intake also blocks the transmission of signals between the brain and the genitals, leaving a desensitising effect on the body. Heavy alcohol drinking men are most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

On the contrary, red wine is amongst the top-rated drinks that increase libido in females. Red wine is linked with higher sexual desire, increased lubrication, and overall sexual function in the fairer sex. 

Like apples, red wine also contains high amounts of quercetin. Prepared by crushing and fermenting dark-colored whole grapes, its alcohol content is low, typically between 12% and 15%.

But even red wine must be consumed in moderation as excessive alcohol intake harms sexual functioning in women too.

Top Foods for Instant Libido Hike

A range of foods falls in the category of mood-boosting foods. A list of foods that increase libido instantly are:

  1. Banana – bananas are rich in potassium. The mineral is vital for the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone. 
  2. Walnuts – It is one of the important foods to increase libido in males.
  3. Strawberries and Raspberries – Essential for both men and women, the berry fruits prepare the body for sex.
  4. Avocados – Rich in folic acid and Vitamin B6, avocados promote a healthy sex drive. While folic acid provides energy, Vitamin B6 helps stabilise hormones. 
  5. Watermelon – Watermelon is rich in citrulline, a compound that releases amino acids in the body. It is vital for increasing libido and prolonged erection in men.
  6. Almonds – Almonds are rich in L-arginine, an essential amino acid. It is important for improved circulation and relaxed blood vessels. L-arginine also helps maintain an erection in men during sexual intercourse.
  7. Chocolates – Dark chocolates are a woman’s best friend as they release serotonin and endorphins, hormones responsible for uplifting mood.
  8. Eggs – Like almonds, eggs are naturally rich in L-arginine, which stimulates an erection.
  9. Peaches – The fruit contains a high amount of Vitamin C, which improves sperm count and health.
  10. Coffee – Coffee is one of the drinks that increase libido. It works by stimulating the brain.
  11. Saffron – Saffron is a natural aphrodisiac. It boosts stamina and performance.
  12. Steak – Steak is rich in zinc, vitamin B, iron, and proteins. These nutrients work in tandem to boost sexual libido and performance.
  13. Beetroot juice – This drink increases levels of nitric oxide in the body instantly. This improves sexual health and acts as a cure for erectile dysfunction.
  14. Clams – A type of shellfish, clams are protein-rich and a rich source of Vitamin B12. It is revered for its positive health effect on male sex organs.
  15. Apples – Apples are high in quercetin, a type of flavonoid. It promotes blood circulation and helps with the problem of erectile dysfunction.
  16. Green tea – Green tea is naturally rich in compounds that increase energy and endurance. It works as a libido booster, especially in women.
  17. Hot Peppers – Hot peppers are rich in capsaicin, an active compound responsible for creating heat and improving circulation and blood flow for prolonged erection in men.
  18. Cocoa – Caffeine, a stimulant present in cocoa, makes it an effective aphrodisiac. It increases sexual desire and improves sexual pleasure.
  19. Citrus Fruits – citrus fruits, especially the orange ones, are packed with phytonutrient hesperidin, an antioxidant that improves blood flow and increases libido. 
  20. Fenugreek – the green leafy vegetable helps maintain hormonal balance. It is one of the important foods to increase libido in females.


We all look for ways to improve our sexual experience. Foods prove to be a natural and comfortable way to increase sexual pleasure. Sexologists suggest an entire range of foods that work well for improved sex life. While some foods are essential for boosting circulation and stamina, some foods that increase libido are widely used. Men can also consider foods that help them maintain an erection. 

But it all assimilates into good eating habits and a positive lifestyle. Alcohol, revered for increasing sexual desire and enhancing arousal, plays a spoilsport as it decreases stamina and performance.  

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