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Circuit Training- Burn Fat & Gain Muscles

Circuit Training- Burn Fat & Gain Muscles

The world is endlessly trying to discover sure-shot ways to success. Can’t comment on other things, but there are ways to success in the weight loss and muscle building department. Circuit Training is your mantra for achieving a fit and muscular body.

We all love 007, Daniel Craig. Hopefully, you will get motivated enough if we told you that Daniel Craig stuck to 2 days of circuit training in a week to prepare for Casino Royale. Chris Gethin trained superstar Hrithik Roshan and muscular John Abraham for circuit training workout to prepare them for their upcoming movies.
If you get it right, there is no better way to lose those extra kgs and build up some muscles, all at the same time. But let’s first understand what is Circuit Training Workout.

Circuit training is a type of workout where you move from one exercise to other while taking a break of not more than 60 secs. You include different types of exercises in a circuit without over-stressing a particular body part. With basic equipment like a box and weights, you can do circuit training workouts at home as well.

Let’s see how it helps in bodybuiliding and weight loss altogether. To build muscles, we have to affect hormones like testosterone or the growth hormone. To lose weight, we have to target the metabolism rate. When we increase muscle mass, we are impacting the body composition. By affecting the body composition, we can boost the metabolic rate. High metabolic rate can aid in effective weight loss. In short, if you boost certain hormones and build more muscle mass, you can speed up the resting metabolic rate (RMR) and thereby easily lose weight. During a cardio workout, our body burns calories only during the workout or perhaps a little while after the session. On the other hand, when you exercise with weights, your body burns calories throughout the day to recover from the intense workout. 

Below are 2 sample circuit training workouts which are an optimum mix of exercises to target both muscle building and fat loss –

1. Strength Circuit Workout-

Exercise Reps
Leg Press 15
Pull Ups 15
 Mountain climbers          25 each leg
Bench Press 15
 Continue until you complete 75 reps for each exercise. Keep taking a break of 45 secs. after each exercise.

2. Metabolic Circuit Workout

For the next sample circuit workout, you will need –

  • 2 Boxes ( 1 low height box and 1 higher box, around a foot high) 
  • A set of dumbbells (weights as per your capacity, eg. 10 kgs each)
  • Kettlebell
Exercise Method Reps
Jumping Box Squats Using a box, perform squats. Sit on the box while moving down and jump while you go up. Hold weights while doing this(optional). 20
Kettlebell Pivot Swings While holding the kettlebell, swing from one side to the other. The impact should be on your sides. 20
Chin-ups Reverse Pulls Perform reverse pull-ups 20
Box Step-Ups To Reverse Lunges Use a box to step-up. While coming back, do reverse lunges. Alternate between both legs while doing box step-up and lunges. Hold weights (optional). 15 each leg
Low-Box Burpees To Box Jump Jump on the box after 1 round of burpees. Rest your hands on the box instead of ground, while doing burpees. Use a box with suitable height. 20
Alternate Side Plank & Dumbbell Raise Perform Plank and alternately raise both your hands sideways.  20
Perform the circuit till you complete 60-80 reps of each exercise. Keep taking a break of 45 secs after every exercise.

Note that the rest levels will vary as per the following levels  –

  • Beginner Level – 1 min
  • Intermediate Level – 45 secs
  • Advance Level – 30 secs

Perform these workouts 1-3 times a week, but not consecutively. They take a heavy toll on the body and you need to give your body the appropriate amount of recovery. Many gym enthusiasts opt for supplements like L-Carnitine to stay recharged for these strenuous circuit training workouts. Circuits can be intense and as short as 10 minutes or they can be as long as an hour. You just have to find that balance for yourself. 

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