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Common Myths about Supplements Busted

Written By Puneet

Common Myths about Supplements Busted

Remember the first time you had to take supplements. Think about all the questions you had asked your trainer. We shall try and bust 6 common myths about supplements usage

Remember the first time you had to take supplements. Think about all the questions you had asked your trainer. We shall try and bust 6 common myths about supplement usage.

Myth 1 : Supplements have steroids

This has to be the biggest myth of them all. Supplement stores and companies have millions of users who range from experienced lifters, international sportsmen, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This ensures that they have a reputation to protect. Also organisations like the FDA and FSSAI keep a close eye on them for any irregularities.

Myth 2 : Supplements are not safe

Supplements for mass gain are meant to complete the recommended daily intake of nutrients for individuals having a fitness oriented lifestyle. Provided they are taken in correct dosages, and are under proof of authenticity, supplements side effects are not proved.

Myth 3 : You should build your body with natural products

Supplementation alone, along with fat burner, or natural foods for that matter, do not guarantee a rounded physique. Exercise coupled with right nutrition does. Best supplements for body building also don’t compete against natural, whole foods. The idea behind supplements is to complete an active individual’s nutrition requirements if they are not met by way of whole foods. Unlike whole foods alone, body building supplements accelerate the process of building muscles and thus are touted as the go – to thing for muscle building. One scoop of the best supplement gives you enough nutrition to keep your muscle fueled but to match that level of nutrition via whiole  foods, you’ll have to eat huge amounts of it before it matches from a single scoop of supplement.

Myth 4 : Doctors advise against supplements

Doctors are usually skilled in their own fields and perform miraculous feats in their area of expertise. Beyond that, their views are just like any one of us; mere opinions. Just imagine asking a heart surgeon about psychiatry. Ask any qualified sports nutritionist about protein supplements and they wouldn’t shy away from recommending these products. You are highly unlikely to find any top level athlete in the world who has achieved feats without using sports supplements. Doctors are correct when they ask you not to go in for steroids or hormone boosters because they are drugs and drugs should not be consumed without supervision but sports supplements are harmless and absolutely safe to consume.

Myth 5 : If I stop using supplement, I will go fat, or have other side effects 

At the risk of sounding repetitive, supplements comprise macro and micro nutrients. Once you stop using them, your body will merely stop getting those nutrients and that’s about it. What happens on most occasions is that a person stops using these food supplements and puts a stop to their training as well. Couple that with a poor diet and you have a perfect recipe for being nothing but fat.

Myth 6 : If I start having these products, I won’t be able to stop

Since no studies have been able to link whey protein, creatine, glutamine supplement, dietary supplement or say vitamin supplement with any long term side effects, it hardly makes any sense for a person to stop with the supplementation in any case. With the recommended daily intake in place, a person can lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle. It has to be known that these products have no ingredients which is addictive, in contrast with coffee, tea, alcohol or tobacco. So anyone can easily stop having these supplements if they want to.

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