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Diet Chart For COVID-19 Home Quarantined People

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Diet Chart For COVID-19 Home Quarantined People

As new guidelines are changing so frequently to understand the gravitas of these  unprecedented challenges, people may have to stay in the home for indefinite time. Stress eating is very common in such situations out of boredom. All the time you are in the home going to the kitchen and picking something to eat or watching the fridge all the time and having ice cream, cake, and other high calorie foods. It happens to a lot of people. All you have to do is to make a quarantine diet chart with consultation of your dietitian according to your taste and stick to it for a period. Don’t make it monotonous, add some tasty but healthy stuff to make it exciting.  Make sure in your home quarantine diet you are including immunity booster things like citrus fruits and vegetables. 

Diet chart for home quarantine

Hope nobody gets self quarantine due to this Coronavirus but if anybody does, here is a complete home quarantine diet chart. People who are forced to live in the home due to this panadamic can also follow the chart as it is full of healthy foods. 

Quarantine diet For:

  • Day 1 and Day 2:  Food to eat during quarantine should be light and easy to digest. 
  1. Soaked raisins and almonds in the morning. 
  2. Poha with nuts like peanuts for breakfast.
  3. Lemon water at noon.
  4. Rice, green vegetables, Dal for lunch. 
  5. Nuts, seeds like pumpkin, chia in snacks. 
  6. Dinner before 8 pm.
  7. Turmeric milk before bed. 
  • Day 3 and Day 4: Diet during quarantine should be as healthy as possible. 
  1. Nuts, walnuts, Date in the morning. 
  2. Light foods like idli and sambar for breakfast.
  3. Aloe Vera juice at noon.
  4. Ajwain paratha and Dahi
  5. Jaggery and cashews.
  6. Khichdi at dinner.
  7. Haldi milk before bed.
  • Day 5 and Day 6: Never compromise the taste of food for home quarantine otherwise you can break the routine. 
  1. Khareek, ghee, and unsalted pistas in the morning.
  2. Plain or ragi dosa for breakfast.
  3. Jaggery, dry coconut, and dhaniya seeds at noon. 
  4. Rajma chawal for lunch. 
  5. Roti and green vegetables at dinner. 
  6. Haldi with milk at bedtime. 
  • Day 7: A diet for home quarantine must have immunity booster ingredients. 
  1. Soaked raisins and cashew in the morning.
  2. Upma for breakfast.
  3. Lemon water at noon. 
  4. Sabudana khichdi and curd at lunch. 
  5. Salt and roasted murmura with ghee as snacks. 
  6. Sprouts, jeera rice at dinner. 
  7. Kadha at bedtime. 

While making the strategy for the quarantine food chart, you need to keep some points in mind. 

  • Take care of the portion size of food. 
  • Eat fresh and warm. 
  • Try it at home as much as possible.
  • Have safe meal handling practises. 
  • Limit sugar and salt intake in your meal. 
  • Less fat intake and use only good fat. 
  • Stay hydrated and eat a good amount of fibre. 

If you have followed any diet chart, it would be very easy for you to understand the value of discipline while following the home quarantine chart. Never miss your diet because it helps you to get back healthy as soon as possible.

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