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Dukan Diet: Enjoyable, Healthier and Easy To Follow Diet in The Long Term

Dukan Diet

Weight loss can be struggling to achieve and even more challenging to maintain. Dukan meal plan claims to provide quick, permanent weight loss without any hunger. If you are wondering if this diet would work for you, read on to know more about the Dukan diet weight loss plan. Dukan Diet is almost similar to keto diet as both these diets focus on the consumption of protein and fat but no carbohydrates. The body will rely on glycogen stores for energy, meaning the body will get the energy by burning fat. 

Dukan Diet Plan is Divided into Four Phases: 

Attack Phase: Attack phase lasts for 1 to 7 days, where you have to eat unlimited lean protein along with 1.5 tbsp of oat bran in a day. 

Cruise Phase: This phase is of 1 to 12 months, where you have to eat lean protein on alternate days and non-starchy vegetables the next, along with 2 tbsp of oat bran every day. 

Consolidation Phase: First two phases of the dukan diet meal plan are designed in a way to help you lose weight and prevent rebound weight gain, this phase (5 days) introduces more food groups and lasts five days. You have to eat non-starchy vegetables and lean protein, along with some fats and carbs, with one day of lean protein only every week. You have to keep taking oat bran 2 tbsp per day. 

Stabilization Phase: If you have managed to add carbohydrates back into your meal plan without putting the weight on, without worrying you can easily step into stage 4. Keep following the consolidation phase guidelines but lose the rules as long as your weight is stable. 

Benefits Of Dukan Diet 

  • People can lose weight quickly and you don’t have to count calories.
  • This diet eliminates sugary, processed fatty foods and alcohol. 
  • Reduces the intake of salt and sugar, which is good for overall health. 

How Much To Exercise On a Dukan Diet?

Do a brisk walk in 20 min a day during the Attack phase, 30-60 min in Cruise phase, 25 min in Consolidation phase and 20 min in Permanent Stabilization phase. The Dukan diet also provides instruction on toning your thighs, stomach, butt and arms. 

Who Should Avoid the Dukan Diet? 

This diet is not recommended for people with existing health conditions as it restricts a lot of nutrients. People suffering from kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease and pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid this diet. As this diet allows the consumption of red meat, which can increase the risks of certain cancers such as colon cancer. That’s why it is recommended to consult your healthcare professional before giving this diet a shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Weight Can you Lose on the Dukan Diet?

With the dukan diet meals you can expect to lose upto 2 to 3 kgs in the first week during the attack phase. And around 1 kg a week in the cruise phase. Consolidation and Stabilization phase is for maintaining weight loss. 

What Can You Eat on the Dukan diet?

The Dukan diet has different phases, and each of them has its own dietary pattern, Dukan diet foods are as follows. 

Foods To Eat In Attack Phase are lean beef, venison, bison, beal, lean pork, liver, kidney, shellfish, fish, non-fat dairy products, tempeh, tofu, eggs and oat bran. 

Foods To Eat In Cruise Phase are spinach, lettuce, kale, other leafy greens, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, eggplant, celery, cucumbers, tomato, pumpkin, turnips, carrots, and oat bran. 

Foods To Eat In Consolidation Phase are fruit, bread, cheese, starches like pasta, corn, grains, legumes, rice, etc., meat, protein meal and oat bran. 

Stabilization Phase is the last phase of this diet, and it is all about maintaining the results achieved during the initial phases. 

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