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Myths About Weight Loss That Make No Sense

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We have seen it all, heard it all and read it all when it comes to weight loss. What if you found out that most of the things you know about weight loss are false? Well, due to the overhype on the subject, there are countless myths shrouding weight loss that are doing people more harm than good. 

Here is a complete breakdown of the myths and facts on weight loss so that you are on the right track to good health: 

Myth 1: Eating less makes you lose weight 

Myths and facts about weight loss like this can be dangerous for your health. When you eat less or skip meals to lose weight, the body’s metabolism slows down. This helps the body preserve calories because they do not have the right sources available. Then, the next part is increasing cravings and hunger pangs. Instead, eat a well-balanced meal and at regular intervals to optimise calorie burning in the body. 

Myth 2: Diet is good enough, I don’t need exercise 

Exercise is an excellent route to overall good health. Plus it is a bonus when you are eating right. Of course, hunger pangs and cravings are bound to happen. With adequate exercise, you burn off the cheat day calories and metabolise the food better. That way, you get closer to your weight loss goals. 

Myth 3: Carbs are bad for weight loss 

This is among the most popular myths and facts about weight loss. Carbohydrates are listed under the main food groups for a good reason. They fuel the organs, especially the brain. When you skimp on carbs, proteins are used as the primary energy source, leaving your muscles drained out. Additionally, there isn’t enough left for repair and growth in the body. Instead, increase the consumption of complex carbohydrates like whole grains. And, makes sure you time your carb intake for it to give you positive results. 

Myth 4: Eat foods with a ‘low fat’ label 

In most cases, foods that come with this label give you a considerable amount of sugar and carbohydrates. It is also false to assume that low-fat foods are also low in calories. The best way to manage your diet if you aim for weight loss is to check your food packs’ calories. A balanced diet made with fresh produce is always the best approach to get slimmer the healthy way. 

Myth 5: Eating before bed makes you fat

If you follow a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise, this holds true. However, it is all about your daily calorie intake. When you eat before you sleep, the calories burnt are fewer. The calories that get stored are higher. However, if you have an active lifestyle where a fair amount of calories are burnt through the day, you will not see a big difference in your weight. 

Myth 6: My metabolic rate is low, so I cannot lose weight 

It is possible to speed up your metabolism by eating the right kind of food and exercising regularly. Metabolism is all about burning calories. Foods that are high in protein require more calories to be digested. As a result, your body needs to amp-up its metabolism. 

Myth 7: A high protein diet is all I need to lose weight

This is a common misconception. High protein diet does help you burn calories faster in various ways. However, if it is the primary source of calories, your diet is not balanced. To metabolise the proteins correctly, you need other nutrients like B vitamins and fibre that come only when you include all the major food groups in your diet. 

Myth 8: Cardio is the best way to lose weight 

Only cardio does not help with weight loss as your body hits a peak quickly. It may help initially, but you will hit a slump if your focus is entirely on cardio. Instead, adding weight training, yoga, and other forms of exercise to your regime will keep your body guessing. That way, you will also sustain your weight loss for a longer time and get fitter. 
These are the central myths and facts about weight loss that often hold people back from achieving their goals. It is important to remember that there are no shortcuts. The only foolproof plan for weight loss is eating a balanced diet, keeping yourself physically active and resting well.

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