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Enjoying a Cheat Day on Valentine’s Day Date

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Valentine’s Day date

Not sure whether it’s ok to cheat on your Valentine’s Day date? 

Relax, we’re not manipulating you into doing your partner wrong. We’re talking about cheating on your diet. If it’s the guilt of cheating on your diet plan on Valentine’s Day holding you back from enjoying it with your loved one, then you need to know that cheat days are good. In fact, occasional cheat days are absolutely necessary for your well-being. They do not just help you satiate your taste buds but are fulfilling for your body too. 

Why Cheat Days are Important

Following a diet plan is a must. It helps shed off a few kilos and tone up the body, enhancing overall well-being. But if the thought of grabbing that double-cheeseburger and a sugar-sprinkled doughnut makes you lose focus, don’t let that guilt crush you down. Cheat without worrying on your Valentine’s Day date as occasional cheat days are equally important as diet days. 

Scientific evidence shows that cheat days add positivity as you break the monotony. It regulates your hormones, energizes your body, and boosts metabolism. Also, an occasional cheat day will keep you motivated to remain on track and achieve your target. So, shun that guilt and go ahead with your special cheat day. But just be careful about how you cheat.

How to Cheat on a Valentine’s Day Date?

If you want to cheat and we’re all for it, then here are some tips to make your cheat day fun and guilt-free on Valentine’s Day: 

1. Let It be One Meal Only

Instead of going gala for the entire 24 hours, make sure you cheat on one of the meals. Plan it out with your partner in advance. Meet over a dreamy lunch or a romantic dinner and remain disciplined otherwise. This will help you make the most of your Valentine’s Day date. Simply indulge in the foods you like without getting too harsh on your diet plan. Also, this will not let the guilt set in and rob away your positive mindset. 

2. Choice of Food 

Sumptuous salads, whole wheat bread, and a generous helping of a sweet delight; go for it. The choice of food will definitely have an impact on how optimally you use your cheat day. While there will be a vast variety of foods to choose from, you can still keep excessive sugary and processed foods on the backburner. But if that’s what you are craving, then simply set it off with half an hour of extra cardio thereafter.

3. Mindful Eating

As you order food, just ensure that you do not overdo it. Just gorging everything down your throat will not help you ease your cravings. Instead, you will end up taking down more than what your body can handle. Also, you will do away with the results garnered with days of workouts and healthy eating. So, take small helpings, make sure you eat mindfully and enjoy every bite of the food you take. 

4. Back It Up with Lots of Fluid

We generally have food cravings and tend to think of pizzas, burgers, and rolls. But remember to take a lot of water alongside. Your glass of water or lemonade will not just make you slightly full and less hungry but it will also take care of the additional sodium intake that can cause bloating. So, remember to hydrate yourself well.

5. Ala Carte or Buffet

Going in for an ala carte or buffet menu can be a personal choice. But whatever you choose, remember not to overindulge. Focus on what you really want to eat and don’t forget to address your cravings. And as you focus on your food and cheat meal, spend some quality time off-eating. This will restrict your intake.

6. Go Low on Alcohol

Although it will be desirable to go high on alcohol to get into the Valentine’s Day mood, it might not be a really good idea for the body. So, prefer keeping alcoholic beverages on the low. Instead, go in for low-sugar mocktails to keep your mood beaming.

7. Let it be a Mutual Affair

Don’t shy away from diet plans. It’s not a good idea to keep them under cover from your partner. Instead, talk about your eating and workout regimen openly. This will help you remain on the same platform as a couple. If it’s a mutual affair, you’ll remain motivated and on track together. Don’t be carried away by peer pressure and miss out on your target.

8. Watch Your Calories and Know Where to Stop

When you are on a cheat meal or enjoying a cheat day, indulgence in foodie delights is understandable. In fact, you’ll eat way more than what you have on other days. But it’s never a good idea to overdo it. So, keep a watch on your calorie intake and know where to stop. You can go on for hours together munching on your favorites but make it slow with fewer calories and mindful eating.


14th February – It’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love. From wishing each other happy Valentines to exchanging Valentine’s gifts and creating beautiful memories for a lifetime. And YES, make the most of that great cheat day as the cupid strikes. Go ahead and order those lip-smacking delights as you create memorable moments on Valentine’s Day date. After all, it’s all about self control and good personal choices. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheat Day

Since one cheat day does not have any effect on your weight, it is okay to have one every once in a while to break monotony and keep yourself motivated.

A planned cheat day is a good cheat day. Instead of feeling guilty or having a bloated stomach at the end of the day after eating anything and everything, plan your cheat meals.This will help avoid any potential discomfort for your body.

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