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Farhan’s Inspiring Transformation From Fat To Ripped

Written By Latika Gupta

Farhan's Inspiring Transformation From Fat To Ripped

Do you think losing weight is difficult? But what if we tell you that there are people who lose weight first and then bulk up to have a muscular frame? Sounds Interesting? Here is an inspiring story of teenager who is working hard to be a bodybuilder.

Can you pledge to lose weight first to get rid of all the flab and then turn your body into something to die for with muscular frame? Well, not all may manage to do so, but with his determination and hard work, a teenager managed not only to lose all the extra weight but also turned his lean body after weight loss into a muscular frame with six pack abs.

This is the inspiring tale of Farhan who successfully moved on to ditch his XXL size clothing for an M sized ones, and later on work hard on his body to have a muscular frame that would allow him to settle for the L size. His story of hard work is nothing less than an inspiration for those teenagers who are plagued by the junk food inspired lifestyle with no aim to be fit and healthy at such a stage in their life.

Here is how he managed to jump down from 107kgs to 77 kgs and then bulk up to 93kgs so that he can start taking baby steps towards his dream to become a professional bodybuilder

“I first started working out when I was 17 years of age and has just passed out my 12th standard. I used to be extremely fat with 107 kgs and the only thing that I loved at that time was food. I would gorge on unhealthy junk throughout the day and thus, being fit was not even in the tiniest corner of my mind. The self-realisation hit me when I noticed that even my XXL sized clothing has stopped fitting me anymore and now I literally had to hit the plus size clothing stands for a new wardrobe altogether.

With a little bit of guilt on my part to be such abnormally out of shape at this age, I joined a nearby gym. Initially, it was just a formality for me and I used to go there, spend an hour lurking around here and there while doing some exercise. But, then something happened and that I consider as the turning point in my life. I started noticing results in my appearance. I started feeling a lot normal and my clothes started fitting me again. That was the day when I decided to transform myself for good.

I told my trainer that I do not want to be like those skinny guys with nothing but good abs, instead, I would prefer being a bodybuilder with a physique that people would praise.

After years of hard work and training the results that I witnessed were overwhelming.

When I started hitting the gym my weight was 107kgs with the body fat reaching 35%, when I was in the lean phase my weight was 77kgs and body fat was at 12% and now that I am muscular with boulder shoulders, abs and all, my body weight stands at 93kgs, whereas my body fat is 18%.

My life started turning for good, I felt better both physically and mentally. I was getting ripped with a muscular frame and I was all the more happy to move a step closer to my dream of becoming a bodybuilder with every passing.

Then one day, I came to know that my trainer, who has been a great support and motivation in my journey has left the gym and now I am all alone to work for my dream to gain mass. That was the time when I discovered that no matter how good you are, you can always do better for yourself. There is no limit to be the best version of yourself.

I started working on the bulking part on my own and was gaining more muscle mass. I had lost all interest and working out on abs only as I had a bigger dream than having a six or eight pack abs. I needed something more, something better, I needed to gain mass and I made that an ultimate goal of my life.

I began my research on bodybuilding. Read articles, watched videos, followed bodybuilders on every possible social media to learn from their experiences.

Now, I am here, at my best size and shape. I have also started cutting and soon I will achieve what I have dreamt of for a very long time. I will have a ripped body with heavy mass.

When I was working hard to lose weight I told myself one thing, “Be better than what you are, be better than what you can become”.

I still believe in that and will keep on believing in the same, No matter how good you become, your journey has just started.

I wanted to be more than an average person, I wanted others to feel my presence in the room, which I think I have managed to do now.”

Isn’t his story inspiring? If you are motivated enough to get up and get back to being fit, then his diet and fitness regimen can also come handy for you to work upon.

Farhan’s Fat Loss Diet

  • Meal 1 – Spanish Eggs for breakfast
  • Meal 2 – Dal and Missi roti for lunch
  • Meal 3 – Salad and fruits for mid- evening snacks
  • Meal 4 – Dinner was replaced with a meal-replacement shake

Farhan’s Muscle Growth Diet

  • Meal 1 – Eggs and oats for breakfast
  • Meal 2 – Chicken and rice with salad for lunch
  • Meal 3 – Tuna and bread for mid-evening snacking
  • Meal 4 – Chicken and rice with salad for dinner
  • A scoop of whey protein post workout for the much-needed protein and energy boost

Farhan’s Workout Plan

  • Monday- Chest Exercises
  • Tuesday- Shoulder Exercises
  • Wednesday- Focused on Back
  • Thursday- Dedicated to Arms
  • Friday- Legs Exercises
  • Saturday- A dedicated day for abs and cardio.
  • Sunday – Rest

Different combinations of weight training on all exercise days

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