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The Ultimate Six Pack Abs Workout Guide For Men

Getting six pack abs is no child's play. We bring you the Ultimate Six pack abs workout guide for men that you can try at home as well.

Abs are one part of the body that everyone wants to sculpt into shape to look fab and perfect. Although it is not the hardest task to achieve abs workout surely needs consistency and determination. 

What are the abdominals?

The abdominals are a set of muscles or a muscle group that lie between your chest and the belly button. They perform several functions that include – protecting internal organs and offering postural support among others. 
Our abdominal muscles are divided into the following types from the ab exercise point of view –

  • The Truck Flexions or the upper abs
  • The Hip Flexions or the lower abs
  • The Lateral Flexion or the obliques
  • The Rotation or the obliques

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If you want to get the best results from your ab workouts at home it is advisable to have an exercise regime for each of these ab muscle groups to ensure wholesome workout. 

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Things to remember before starting an abs workout.

When planning a six pack abs workout from your home, here are a few things to remember always –

  • You can perform a fantastic abs workout at home even without expensive workout equipment.
  • You can get great abs without doing hundreds or thousands of crunches every day. There is a lot more technique and system that goes into making a six packs abs workout regime successful.
  • Improperly and excessively done ab exercises and crunches can lead to poor posture with your head pulled forward, and shorter abdominal wall.  
  • The best workout for abs would never involve starvation diets. This is because instead of starving muscles, it is important to feed the muscles to get perfect abs. Starving the body closes down metabolism, as a result, the body starts storing fat and muscles loose their shape. 

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  • Contrary to common belief that during workout abs need to be trained in the end to ensure that your core stays strengthened; it is actually better to work on your abs at the start of the workout. Doing this allows you to focus on them when your body has the most energy.
  • It is best to workout on your abs consistently and regularly. The more stimulated they are better will be their growth.
  • When you train hard, you must rest as well. The harder you train more rest is needed by your muscles to enable recovery. 
  • Your genetics play a major role in how your abs will shape out with workouts. It is not possible to change the shape separation or alignment of your abs.  

3 Tips to train your abs based on your six pack abs workout goals – 

  1. Injury prevention or rehab – frequent training – lower loads – 1 to 4 sets a week
  2. Building dense and muscular abs – less frequent training – higher loads – 8 to 12 sets a week
  3. Maintenance only – regular interval frequency – medium loads – 5 to 7 sets a week 


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What is the best abs workout for men at Home?

Some of the best abs workout for men at home suggest a basic plan to follow for great results. Here is a broad run down of the same –  

  1. Follow a circuit of six exercises (explained below in detail) to strengthen your core.
  2. Perform three circuits of these six exercises every time you workout
  3. Workout at least four times a week, 45 minutes every day, and let three days be non-workout days
  4. Workout at least for four weeks in the same pattern and then take on a maintenance approach.
  5. On two of your non-workout days, it is great to do uphill walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes
  6. Let one day (ideally Sunday!) to be your rest and recuperate day
  7. If, with time you are able to complete the circuit faster, use the remaining time to do your treadmill walk.
  8. The breaks that you take between workouts should be small.
  9. Make sure that you focus on the correct technique of doing the workout than its speed.

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The Ultimate Six Pack Abs Workout Guide For Men

Now that you have the basics in place let’s start with the whole workout regime. Here goes:

Workout How to do Benefits Sets Reps Rest
Overhead bench squats

Hold a suitable weight preferably a bar above your head as you sit on the bench.

Let the bar be positioned in the middle of your body, keep your torso straight and head help up.

Holding the bar slowly stand up and then sit down.  Continue to repeat. 


The exercise engages multiple joints and has a tremendous metabolic output. It is one of the best abs workout at home. As the weight over the head is stabilized in this exercise the midsection gets an intense workout that also lengthens it. Do three to four sets in the first two weeks and move up to five or six by week three Do 20-30 reps every time 30 seconds in the first two weeks and reduce to 15 seconds by week three
Knee To Opposite Elbow For one rep, come down to push up position and try to touch your right knee to the left elbow.

Now repeat with the other leg to complete the rep. Make sure your hips remain down and your foot (the one in action) does not touch the ground.

Enables internal rotation of the hip in addition to strengthening the core. It works the obliques and helps to mobilize the hip flexors. Do three to four sets in the first two weeks and move up to five or six by week three  Do 10-20 reps every time  30 seconds in the first two weeks and reduce to 15 seconds by week three
Knee To The Outside of the Same Elbow It is the same as the knee to opposite elbow exercise.

However, the only difference is that you must touch your right knee to the top of the right elbow and then repeat with the other leg to complete one rep. 

This exercise too works the hips and the core, in addition to the obliques.  Do 3 to 4 sets in the first two weeks and move up to 5 or 6 by week three  Do 10-20 reps every time  30 seconds in the first two weeks and reduce to 15 seconds by week three
Push-ups Come down on your palms and feet (actually toes) with arms extended straight and paced shoulder distance apart.

Now bend down and try to move your chin towards the floor along with the whole body.

Do not bend your knees and let your arms and legs take the weight. Move and up and down to complete one rep.

If you find it difficult you can bend your knees for the last few push-ups.  

These are the evergreen exercises for an abs workout that not only work on your abdomen but also strengthen your pectoral muscles, the triceps, and your deltoids as well.  Do 3 to 4 sets  Do 15 reps every time 30 seconds only 
Split Lunge With Overhead Press Holding a pair of dumbbells over both the shoulders, get into the lunge position.

Now moving your back knee towards the floor take a forward lunge and simultaneously take both the dumbbells over your head.

Repeat with the other leg to complete a rep.

This exercise again helps strengthen your midsection and works the abdominal muscles in addition to a lot of joints. It thus fires up your metabolic rate.  Do 3 to 4 sets  Do 15 reps every time  30 seconds only 
Concertina Crunches Lie down on your mat with arms behind your head and legs outstretched straight.

Now pull in your knees and elbows to touch each other.

Once they touch, push back, lengthening your torso so that your legs extend fully and your elbows too are touching the ground above your head, with arms flat and extended.

This makes one rep and is a super effective abs workout for men.

This exercise is great for the core and creates a wonderful pressure on the abs.  Do 5 to 6 sets  Do 15 reps every time  15 seconds only 


Uphill Treadmill Walking

Get down to this exercise only when you have completed the circuit of six exercises mentioned above and you still have time at hand. 

It is important that your session is not more than 45minutes long. Therefore, set your clock to time and stop mid-walking when the time is up. This way you will ensure that you do not overdo the exercises and harm your muscles. 
Uphill walking on the treadmill is a great way to burn the extra calories without stressing your lower limb muscles, which are already fatigued from the workout.

All you have to do is set the treadmill at a gentle incline and start walking. Note – do not run. To crank it up over the weeks simply keep increasing the incline and try to walk at a faster pace than before. 

Try these wonderful and highly effective abs workouts for men at home and enjoy the difference they make to your body.

Is diet important in a six-pack abs workout?

Diet and exercise go hand in hand in every workout regime and therefore, a successful 6 pack abs workout must seamlessly incorporate diet essentials to make it complete and effective. A good diet supports the workout and boosts metabolism to ensure that your abdomen is functioning right. Here are some six pack abs diet basics to remember when working on an abs workout for men at home – 

  1. Make sure your diet has ample whole grains, pulses and fibrous veggies instead of processed or refined foods. This is because these foods act as fat burning foods that make the body, work harder to digest them. They, therefore, consume body fat and aid your efforts at building a stronger core. 
  2. Have small and frequent meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. Eating three hourly, six times a day works well for most six-pack abs workouts. 
  3. Nuts, avocado, berries, and green tea are some great between-meal snacks to stock up on. They are fat burning in nature and boost body metabolism. 
  4. Ensure that every meal of yours has some protein rich food source as the hero. It could be eggs, protein shake, fish, turkey, chicken or lean meats.

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  1. Starchy carbs are a must for a successful abs workout at home. However, they are best included in the breakfast. Some good choices would be  – oats, sprouted bread, potatoes, or a fruit such as banana. Starchy carbs must, however, be avoided in the evening to prevent digestion issues. 
  2. Leafy greens, brown rice, potato, and quinoa make wonderful lunch options. 
  3. Have at least two to three liters of water when you are doing six pack abs exercises. Your body needs to stay hydrated to fight off bloating and fatigue. 
  4. For a successful abs workout for men at home having protein shakes post workout is a must. It is best to have them immediately after the workout to provide instant energy to the body and also aid muscle recovery. The best combination would be a shake with 25-30g protein and45-50g carbs. These shakes also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and regulate your hormones as well, besides regenerating the tissues. 
  5. Allow yourself a cheat meal every 10 to 15 days so that you are motivated to stay on track. 


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