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Getting Physique Like Football Players Is Now Easy

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

The Euro cup has made summer hotter with great football actions and athletic bodies. Everybody is cheering for their favorite team while laying on their sofa and wishing for having bodies like these footballers. Good news is that it is possible to have such a body only if you are ready to do strength training for fat loss with a balanced diet. We have come up with some of them. 

Best Fat Burn Exercises:

Though getting a footballer’s physique  is hard, not impossible. By following the football diet plan to lose weight and a part of their training, you can get such a physique in a certain time. Here are some exercises that focus on certain parts of the body to lose the unwanted fat. 

  • Thigh Fat Burning Exercises: To tone the inner thighs, you have to follow the routine at least 2 times in a week. Here are some exercises to lose thigh fat that you can try.  
  1. Lunges:

Though these also play an important role in strengthening the thighs. You can’t ignore legs when it comes to overall strength and fitness. Footballers do hard workouts to keep them tones. 

  • To do lunges with dumbbells, you need to stand with feet hip width apart. Have the dumbbell in both hands
  • Step forward with your left leg and lung forward
  • Leg should be perpendicular with the ground
  • Right knee should be off the ground a little bit
  • Torso straight
  • Both dumbbells lie aside
  • Come back to the starting position
  • Repeat with the right legs
  1. Squats:

Though squats are known as complete core exercise, it has a very high effect on legs, especially thighs. You can do it without weights but doing it with weight can have faster effects on burning fats. 

  • Stand along with the rod machine
  • Stand with feet hip width apart
  • Go under the rod and lift
  • Now start setups
  • Knees should not go further toe
  •  Chest fat loss exercise:
chest fat loss

Man boobs look so ugly if you have noticed. To lose the fats from here, you must do some Chest fat loss exercise given below:

  1. Dips:

There are a number of dips like bar dips and others that are very effective on the chest. 

  • Grab the bar with both hands
  • Hang on the air with supporting your hands
  • Do ups and downs
  • Make sure you are leaning forward while going down
  1. Pushups:
push Ups

There are many variations of pushups. Close hands, wide hands, and others. For the 1st one you have to keep the hands as closer as possible to each other. Whereas wide hands, you have to keep your hands parallel to the shoulders. And don ups and downs. 

  1. Bench Press
bench press

One of the most effective chest exercises to cut the fat. As burning fats exercise do the barbell bench press:

  • Lie down on the bench
  • Pick the rod up your chest with wide grip
  • Do ups and downs
  • Side fat burning exercises:

It is one of the most difficult tasks to remove the side fat but it has easy exercises. 

  1. Triangle pose:
Triangle Pose

It is not necessary that your fat loss workout would be intense. Triangle pose is very effective inside fat burning. For that you need:

  • Stand with both legs shoulder apart
  • Stretch arms on the both sides
  • Hold the feet with one hand
  • And see the other hand on the sky
  1. Russian Twists:
Russian twists

One of the easiest weight training to lose fat wherein you have to hold a weight while lifting the feet. Now you have to twist with the weights on your hand. 

  • Butt fat burning exercises: Removing fat from the butt is not an easy task. With these fat reducing exercises you can easily burn the fat from the butt. 
  1. HIIT exercises: Including high intensity workout can reduce the butt fats easily. Some of the Butt fat burning exercises are jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, jogging, lifting legs, planks, and others. 
  2. Other Activities: Some physical activities including rock climbing, hiking, swimming, walking through stairs, and others are very effective physical activities for burning fat. 

Conclusion: Just by laying on the sofa and admiring your favorite footballer’s body can’t give them the same physique they have. You have to work on it. With these exercises, you will burn fat as fast as never before.

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