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Do The Fitness Training Like Your Favorite Cricketer

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

World Test Championship

The game is on. India and New Zealand, both the teams are ready to test their mettle in the final of the World Test Championship (WTC). Well equipped with the determination to win, we are one match away from getting our WTC winner for the first time after 144 years in World Test Cricket history. No matter which team wins, the game will be the ultimate winner.  

The way the cricketers maintain their physique and temperament for international fitness standards, they are truly an inspiration for many of us. To stay fit, avoid injury, and maintain their form, they have to do some key exercises. Let’s check out those exercises. 

Common Cricket Exercises For Strengthening

Here are some of the common cricket exercises for strengthening that common people can do at home with ease. 



For hip mobility and strengthening leg muscles, squats are the best exercises. You can try it with weights and other variations. After squats, doing lunges are great to tone the leg muscles. Of course, there are variations of it as well.  



For strengthening the lower back, hips, legs, shoulders, deadlift is one of the best exercises that cover almost every part of the body. 

Chin up

chin up

Body training exercises are good for developing core strength. Chin up targets abdominal muscles, arms, back, neck, and others where there are chances to get a sudden jerk.

Chest Press

chest press

To strengthen the shoulder muscles, your muscle to chest press. It brings mobility to your shoulders, so you can avoid the sudden jerk. 

Yo-Yo test

Yo Yo Test

To match the fitness standard, these days, players count on the Yo Yo test in cricket. What is it ? Know here in detail. 

What Is A Yo-Yo Test in Cricket ? 

An Ultimate cricket fitness test that was introduced in 2017 to the Indian cricket team, now has become a standard measure of fitness on the international stage.  

Yo-Yo test in cricket is a running aerobic fitness test wherein the player has to sprint between two sets of the cones. These cones are 20 metres apart. As the beep sound hits, the player has to run to the other side of the cone till the next beep sound hits. Player has to return to the first cone (initial cone) before the third beep sound hits. Once a player reaches the initial cone, the test is done. 

Yo-Yo Test Indian Cricket Team: Top Four

We know Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricket players in the world. Here are some Indian cricket players who beat the Virat Kohli yo yo test. 

  • Virat Kohli yo-yo test was 19 
  • Manish Pandey got 19. 2 
  • Mayank Dagar yo yo test score was 19.3
  • Ahmad Banday managed the Yo-Yo test highest score with 19.4

Concussion: Maybe raining on the ground can delay us to get the winner but rain can’t be an excuse to miss the training. Though there are many factors for winning or losing,  one thing is the same among them, which is training. Just like both of the teams, let’s stay prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

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