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Glutathione Tablet: How does It Ensure Healthy Skin

Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Glutathione tablet
What is Glutathione
How to Ensure Adequate Levels of Glutathione
Different Forms of Glutathione Supplements
Side Effects of Glutathione

With healthy skin comes overall well-being and confidence. The sudden emphasis on healthy skin has given rise to a number of skincare products and supplements that vouch for a bright and blemishless complexion. Not to mention the various skin lightening processes that could be harmful to the skin. The secret to radiant and firm skin is choosing the right kind of skincare product to suit your skin type and adhering to a wholesome diet. Glutathione is the new catchword in the market. Glutathione tablet, with its antioxidant properties, is the new assurance for healthy skin. 

Read further to understand what Glutathione is and how it helps the skin.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is naturally produced by the liver in our body. Glutathione comprises three amino acids i.e., glutamine, cysteine, and glycine. Glutathione, along with antioxidant properties, helps in reducing the level of melanin that results in bright skin with an even tone.

It is a great detox agent that is useful in treating various skin disorders like pigmentation and acne. It helps in fighting free radicals that environmental pollution and stress cause, while detoxifying chemicals that the body and drugs or pollutants produce. To maintain good skin health, adequate levels of Glutathione is required.

How to Ensure Adequate Levels of Glutathione?

Stress, age, pollution, and toxins are the main reasons for the decline in Glutathione levels. The main role of Glutathione is reducing the melanin level to keep the skin radiant and blemishless. It helps in interrupting the formation of eumelanin pigment, which is the main cause for the appearance of dark spots on the skin. 

This is done by blocking the activity of Tyrosinase in the formation of eumelanin pigment and converting the activity into the formation of pheomelanin that makes the Glutathione skin clear and radiant. 

Glutathione can be supplemented naturally by consuming sulphur-rich foods or through supplements that are available in various forms. It can be derived naturally from dietary proteins like:

  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Chicken
  • Egg
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Mustard Greens

The addition of Vitamin C that can be derived from various fruits and vegetables does wonders in maintaining Glutathione levels in your body. Citrus fruits, papaya, strawberries, Kiwis as well as bell pepper are rich sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in maintaining the antioxidant levels in the body, including the levels of Glutathione. Asparagus, okra, spinach, and avocados are also rich sources of Glutathione. The dosage of Glutathione depends on the body weight and the skin tone of the individual. The recommended dosage is 20 to 40mg per kilogram weight for a period of 3 to 6 months.

If you are unable to get the required level of Glutathione from the above natural sources, you can resort to Glutathione supplements that are available in various forms because Glutathione skin is enriched skin.

Different Forms of Glutathione Supplements

The different forms of Glutathione oral supplements are Glutathione tablets and Glutone 1000. There are other forms too in which it can benefit your skin. Some of them are listed below:

1. Glutathione Tablet

There are various brands of Glutathione tablet available in the market. These tablets contain Glutathione along with other skin essentials like Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract, Biotin, Alpha Lipoic acid, Vitamin E, and L-lysine.

Glutathione and glutathione tablet help in accelerating the synthesis of type-1 collagen that is responsible for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Oxidative stress breaks down collagen and elastin that results in the ageing of the skin. Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the glutathione tablet prevents this process and help in maintaining youthful skin. Glutathione and lipoic acid consumed orally help in reducing wrinkles by facilitating the effective synthesis of collagen.

2. Glutone 1000

Glutone 1000 contains the best Glutathione i.e., Setria Glutathione. Orally consumed, Glutathione helps in maintaining glowing and clear skin. The key ingredients i.e, L-Glutathione and Vitamin C in the supplement individually contribute to provide benefits to skin health. L-Glutathione improves various cellular functions, enhances skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and all other age-related issues. Vitamin C works hand-in-hand with Glutathione and helps in collagen synthesis to evade age-related skin issues like sagging of skin, appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, etc.

Apart from oral Glutathione supplements, you can also benefit from Glutathione injections and by way of external applications as explained below.

3. Glutathione Injections 

Including Glutathione through oral supplements has a lesser detoxification effect when compared to Glutathione injections, as it is absorbed by the digestive system. Though the skin-whitening treatment by way of Glutathione injections is not approved by FDA, it has gained popularity owing to better results and the choice of this treatment is at one’s own risk. 

4. Glutathione Soap 

It is one of the best whitening soaps in the market. It exfoliates and penetrates deep into the skin to lighten the dark spots and works as a de-tanning agent. Glutathione soap is safe for all skin types. It cleanses the body and the face very effectively. Consistent use of Glutathione soap will give you brighter and flawless skin.

5. Glutathione Cream 

Enriched with Vitamin C, Glutathione cream helps in preventing pigmentation by controlling the formation of Melanin. This skin-whitening cream also protects the skin from UV rays, replenishes the tissues, and controls fine lines and wrinkles while giving an even tone to the skin.

Side Effects of Glutathione

Glutathione has no possible side effects when taken orally. But it may cause a rash sometimes when applied externally on the skin.

Note: It is advisable to take supplements under medical supervision


Want to flaunt a bright, even-toned and flawless skin? If you have been struggling to maintain the lustre and firmness of your skin, keep the points mentioned above handy. Besides an effective skincare regimen, it is essential to remain healthy inside as well. An adequate level of Glutathione will help you succeed in this venture of maintaining skin health. 

Age-related issues can be inhibited by controlling the glutathione levels. If your natural diet is not providing you with the required glutathione to give your skin the flawless look, you can resort to skin whitening tablets. One such tablet is the Glutathione tablet that prevents the formation of melanin and improves collagen synthesis to give you supple, radiant, and flawless skin. 

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