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Going Back To Gym? Avoid Doing These 8 Things

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Back to gym

Hurrayyyy! Gym, yoga centre and other fitness centres have opened. Are you excited to join your favourite gym? I know you might be like obviously yes, It is time I go to the gym!  But before you get back to the gym after quarantine there are some precautions that one needs to follow to not get affected by coronavirus. 

Ways to Make it Safe to Go Back to Gym 

Here are some don’ts that you need to keep in mind to protect yourself from getting infected and injured when going to gym after quarantine

1. Avoid Showering in the Gym

Back to gym

Gym showering might have been part of your fitness ritual before covid. According to a personal trainer you don’t need to do something like this, as it can increase the chances of you getting covid. So don’t! And avoid hugging your gym buddies too.

2. Keep Washing/ Sanitizing Your Hands 

keep sanitizing in gym

Sanitizing and washing your hands frequently is one of the most important basics of the pandemic and don’t ignore it just because you are so excited to get back to the gym or into your favourite fitness space. While you are working out ensure you keep sanitizing/washing your hands and avoid touching your face. 

3. Wear Mask 

wear mask

Keep your mask on, go a little slower and wear the one that does not stick to your nose which can make it difficult for you to breathe during workout. Also, always speak to your medical care professional before wearing a mask while working out. 

4. Avoid Tossing Your Sweaty Towel On Any Equipments or Public Surfaces 

One of the common gym practices is to put the towel on a nearby bench or on any surfaces. Try to avoid it as much as you can or instead get it slung across your shoulder. 

5. Avoid Working Out on the Floor

Avoid Working Out on the Floor

You would usually dive down for some hard core workout but if you have to roll around on the floor you have to make sure you do it on your own yoga mat from home. You don’t know what side of the gym yoga mats went down on the floor. 

6. Take Time to Lift Big weights

Take Time to Lift Big weights

After so many months going back to the gym will give you access to lots of weights. It is obvious to get tempted and pick up some heavy weights. But you need to go easy with that as your muscles might not be ready. So, avoid getting injured. 

7. Don’t Change Your Routine Completely

Daily routine in gym

During quarantine, you might have developed some new workout habits so don’t just abandon them after you hit the gym. Transition your workout routine slowly instead of expecting your body to pick up from where you left off.  

8. Be Serious About Stretching

Stretching in gym

Back to fitness? Make sure you follow the proper body warm up and cool down process. Don’t skimp on stretching. You need to slowly ease your muscles, lungs, heart and nervous system in and out during each workout for better results. 


Going to the gym has to be safe for everyone. These are some basic rules that every gym goer should follow to make their gymming journey smooth. Your first priority must be safety. If you feel slightly under the weather, please be considerate and stay at home for the safety of others. Have happy and safe workout sessions! How are you planning to stay safe while going to the gym during this unlock? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. We would love to know your take on this.

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