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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids that They Can’t Say No to

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breakfast ideas for kids
What Should a Healthy Kids Breakfast Contain
Benefits of Healthy Breakfast for Kids 
Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Generally, we consume breakfast after almost a gap of 10 to 12 hours and that is why having a healthy and heavy breakfast is a must for adults or kids. As kids are growing, their bodies need an adequately nutritious diet to support their growth. This nutrition would come through the right consumption of proteins, vitamins, and minerals and a healthy kids breakfast includes all of this. If you are also looking for some good breakfast ideas for kids, this blog is a must read for you.  

What Should a Healthy Kids Breakfast Contain?

To understand the importance of a healthy breakfast for kids, we must first understand what comprises a healthy breakfast.

When we are talking about the first meal of the day, we are considering foods that fuel the body for the rest of the day. Hence, breakfast, especially for kids, must cater to at least 25 to 30 percent of the day’s energy requirement. To ensure your little ones are having a healthy breakfast, perfect to meet their body’s requirements, make sure it contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, besides fiber and fat. 

Benefits of Healthy Breakfast for Kids 

Once we get up in the morning, the tasks of the entire day come to mind and we start running around to plan the execution. In this hurry, the most important fuel of the day for the body, especially for the kids, starts getting neglected. But once we understand the benefits of a healthy breakfast for kids, we should not neglect it or let them neglect it.

There are many benefits of healthy breakfast for kids, like :

  1. Works as a brain booster: The only source of energy for the brain is Glucose. A healthy breakfast will restore the body’s glucose levels – a very important carbohydrate for brain function. It benefits kids because it improves memory as well as concentration levels, allowing them to pay more attention and get better grades.
  2. Stabilizes blood sugar levels: Healthy breakfast prompts body cells to increase insulin concentration to enable constant glucose supply to the brain. And this is how the body works and regulates glucose levels in our body.  
  3. Boosts metabolism: Metabolism describes ’all chemical reactions in the body cells that convert food into energy.’ This energy keeps the body cells healthy &  working. A healthy breakfast boosts this metabolism.
  4. Works as a mood enhancer: A healthy & tasty breakfast makes the kids feel elated in the morning itself, resulting in a good mood for the entire day. Happy mood clubbed with a good amount of energy makes the kids stay excited to play and concentrate on any work they do, be it studies or games. 
  5. Makes one feel full for a longer duration: After having a healthy breakfast, one feels full for a long time. This helps in consuming less food throughout the day, thus controlling the intake of calories which in turn helps manage the body weight.   
  6. Reduces the risk of starving, craving, and overeating: We need to give a healthy breakfast for kids before school, otherwise, they would starve. Once they have a healthy morning meal, they will not crave it. This will also keep them from overeating when the food is available later during the day or binging on junk food, since their hunger is already satisfied with breakfast.   
  7. Reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: Habit of healthy and regular breakfast and intake of the right amount of calories keep the body fit. It also protects from cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes later in life.

Breakfast Ideas for Kids 

In the early morning hours, mothers are often anxious about preparing the right breakfast for their kids. The simple solution would be to have one or two healthy dishes instead of a lavish spread of items. Having understood the necessities of a high protein breakfast for kids, it will now be easy to think of different breakfast ideas for kids. It is recommended to have breakfast rich in fibers & nutrients rather than having the recipe of saturated fats.

Generally, a healthy breakfast contains proteins, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

One has to think of a quick recipe for the kids and these can be eggs, french toast, pancakes, cold cereal with milk, hot cereal like oatmeal, and yogurt with fruit & nuts. Some of the food items & dishes are suggested below which can be made quickly and work well for kids:

1. Eggs 

It’s a simple and nutritious choice. Eggs can be taken in boiled form or as an omelette. They give a feeling of fullness for a longer time. You can prepare a vegetable omelette by mixing eggs with chopped carrots, tomato, and onions. It tastes well and is an easy way to include veggies in kids’ diets. Since eggs are rich in proteins, they can be a great choice for a healthy breakfast for kids.

2. Puri Bhaji 

Hot & fluffy golden brown pooris, just out from the deep frying pan, taken with gravied potato or gravied Kabuli chana is a dish liked by almost everyone. Further, the poori dough can be teamed up with leftover dal of the earlier night. Pooris are tastier and balance out the meal. They are also rich in calories.

3. Idli, Vada & Sambar

This South Indian dish is adopted by families almost all over India. Idlis are low in calories & vada being deep-fried in oil is high in calories. Finally, it becomes a balanced, healthy breakfast.

4. Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed Aloo paratha too is a very popular dish in every Indian household. Sometimes, a few vegetables like carrots, beans are also mixed with potatoes for stuffing. It is tastier when teamed up with a bowl of curds. Parathas are rich in carbohydrates & proteins.

5. Corn Flakes

Cornflakes mixed with hot milk & dry fruits like almonds & raisins make a great meal. It’s a healthy dish containing an adequate quantity of vitamins, minerals, & proteins.


Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day, as it is taken after a very long break of 10 to 12 hours. Breakfast is very important, especially for kids and students. Families should pay extra attention to the requirements of a healthy breakfast for kids. Since this part of the meal provides for 25 to 30 percent of the day’s requirement of nutrients, its preparation needs proper attention. Many children like to eat a bit and carry the rest in their bag, so as to consume it on the way while on the bus – it’s acceptable as long as they consume it well in time.

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