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Healthy Holi Snacks: Recipes You Would Love to Try This Year

Holi Snacks

What are festivities without family, friends, and food? Are you looking forward to Holi this year but dreading the unavoidable sweets overload? Are you wondering how to ditch the calorie pile up and yet enjoy the festivities with friends and family? Well, try out this array of amazing healthy Holi snacks recipes.  This collection of delectable traditional Holi sweets and snacks are perfect for the occasion but with a healthy twist. They give you an opportunity to enjoy the festivities and indulge your taste buds without the guilt of junk eating. If you are a fitness enthusiast or a weight watcher wary of celebrations simply because of the extra sweets you end up consuming — this blog is just what you need. 

5 Best Healthy Holi Recipes

Read on to find out all about the healthy Indian snacks you can try this Holi and enjoy the festival of colors to the fullest: 

1. Baked Gujiyas

Gujias top any list of Holi recipes and the colorful festivities are certainly incomplete without them. But if you want to have your gujiyas without feeling the guilt of stuffing on the calories, opt for the healthier version — these delicious baked gujiyas made with wheat flour.

Knead the dough in ghee instead of refined oil and for the stuffing, use dried raisins, sooji, and some shredded coconut. Skip the mawa/khoya for the healthy twist. When it comes to the sweetness, opt for gur shakkar instead of refined sugar and you will be sorted. Shape the gujiyas in the mold and air fry or bake your festive delights for a guilt-free indulgence.

2. Healthy Thandai

Another Holi special is the Thandai. But if glugging down glasses of this sugary drink worries you, try out our healthy alternative and be sure to win compliments from everyone. 

This fun alternative to sugary Holi snacks can be made very easily using soya or almond milk. All you need is the healthy milk of your choice, some cardamom powder, and some poppy seeds for the typical thandai flavor. Pick a refined sugar alternative of your choice like honey, date syrup, or jaggery powder. Mix up the ingredients well and leave them in the refrigerator to chill. Remember to serve it cold with or without ice cubes. 

3. No-Fry Vadas

Vadas are an all-time favorite when it comes to celebrations. You can make them using moong daal or urad dal. These vadas are high on proteins and easy to digest. Soak your urad dal a night prior but if you are using moong dal just an hour of soaking will be enough. Grind to a thick paste and add in the salt, chili powder, ginger, and onions as per your liking.

Once you have beaten the batter enough to work in ample air, get your air fryer out and make the vadas. Serve them hot with chutney or dip them in curd to make delicious dahi vadas. These make for a great snack post the celebrations.  

4. Oil-Free Pakoras

Who does not love hot pakoras just after you have played Holi to the fullest, are soaking wet, and super hungry. This is an easy recipe and you can pre prepare the batter mix for quick service post the celebrations.

Cut your favorite vegetables and mix them together (onions, potatoes, cauliflowers, etc. work well). Prepare a thick batter of besan (chickpea flour) and season it with salt, haldi, and some red chilies to taste. 

Dip the vegetables in the batter and make small balls with them. Steam them for five minutes and place them on a baking tray in the oven. Keep the temperature high for just about 15 to 20 minutes or until the pakoras turn golden brown. Sprinkle some chaat masala and serve with imli or green chutney for the added zing. 

5. Oats/Ragi Flour Malpuas

Malpuas are the traditional delights that are a part of most festivities across India. When they are made using all-healthy ingredients, they are hard to resist.

All you need is to replace some ingredients in your regular malpua recipe with healthier options. Use the gluten-free oats or ragi flour instead of your regular malpua flour. Use brown sugar instead of the regular sugar, ghee instead of oil, and almond milk instead of the regular milk to make delicious and super healthy malpuas. Pair them with sooji halwa or homemade rabri for that unforgettable taste.


With small changes to regular choices, you can enjoy delectable healthy Holi snacks recipes that are sure to make your festivities even more special and fun for all. So, stop worrying about the calories and go ahead with these awesome Holi recipes. Give them a try and share with us your experiences. Here’s hoping you have a happy and healthy Holi!

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