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Interesting Facts About April Fools’ Day

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april fool's day

April Fools’ Day is a jokey annual ritual on April 1 that usually includes many practical jokes and pranks activities. Many individuals observe this tradition to have some fun. Many mass media are also involved in these pranking activities, which could be explained as such on the next day.  You will also find the internet flooded with theories, stories, significance to jokes, pranks, images, quotes and much more. While it feels great to fool your family and friends with the best pranks, it is equally important that you keep the jokes lighthearted. Want to know some amazing April fools facts? Here are some fun filled and interesting facts about April Fools’ Day

  • Historically, the first April Fools’ Day was in 1878 or some say in 1392. One of the April fools’ history facts is in 1878, a prank call utilized the then new method of using the telephone in order to contact people. When the recipients received the prank call they usually believed that the person who called them was actually a reputable business professional, so the pranking went on. 
  • Another fun fact about April Fools day is that it was picked up by the Victorians, who popularized the idea by making fake callers to announce that a certain person would soon be found speaking ill of all. April Fools’ Day pranks often involved a “telegram” to the person named in the prank call, with instructions that if he didn’t speak as agreed upon, he would receive a “drummed up paper” (in reality, the words were written on a piece of paper). The “drummed up paper” was returned and signed for the owner. If the owner didn’t agree with the message, he was docked a small fine.
  • Another version of April Fools’ Day prank involves the so-called “gowk” or “puzzle.” A prankster would go to a place where people gather for April fools’ day and deliver a load of fruit to every person he could find, making a lot of fun of the fruit and the poor conditions under which it was given. After this was over, the person receiving the load of fruit would give back a piece of his fruit to the “puzzle” or “dummer,” making the original “puzzle” very easy to solve. 
  • One classic example of a prank gone wrong involved a man traveling from London to the United States on April Fools’ Day. On the plane, a stewardess stopped him to ask for a piece of fruit. Instead of handing him the fruit, the stewardess handed him a piece of paper with a vague and nonexistent command: “You cannot give me that.” The man later returned to the airport, where customs officials informed him that the fruit he had brought was a “fraudulent” piece of fruit.
  • April Fools’ Day pranks have come a long way since the early twentieth century, when newspapers all over the country gave away a pound of coal. The Coal was engraved with a single word, “You fool!” for anyone who might try to take the coal out of the furnace. Another variation of this prank involved an “armful of ammunition” being left on the street near the railway station, so that anyone who came by would mistake it for a train.
  • There have been many spoof April Fools’ pranks over the years. In one famous example, a piece of paper was stuck onto the end of a fishing rod, with the words, “This fishing rod is too short!” Other April Fools’ pranks included handing out coins with holes in them, saying that whoever got a hole in their coin would get “a little pocketful of April Fools,” and asking children at a children’s party to say “I’m not a stupid, I’m an April fool!” 

Many people enjoy the prank that April Fools does, and there are some people who take it very seriously. The Internet is filled with web sites that have entire galleries devoted to April Fools Day celebrations, as well as many articles about the history of this popular holiday. So, these were some of the interesting facts about April Fools day. Were you aware of these April Fools day trivia. How are you celebrating your April Fools’ Day? Feel free to share your favourite pranks in the comments section below.

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