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Is It Ok To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Written By Rima

sex during pregnancy
Why do they say it is safe to have sex during pregnancy?
Having sex and inducing labor
Sex during pregnancy and miscarriage
Cases when you should not have sex during pregnancy
Sexual positions during pregnancy
Should I use a condom while having sex during pregnancy?
Benefits of having sex during pregnancy
What if I am not at all interested in having sex during pregnancy?
What if I want to have more sex during pregnancy?

Sex is a natural body urge that both men and women may have at any point in time and there is nothing wrong with that desire. But major questions arise when a woman gets pregnant. Is sex safe during pregnancy? Will it lead to a miscarriage? Which sex positions are to avoid during pregnancy? If I don’t have sex for the upcoming months, will that lead my husband/partner to have an extra-marital affair? What if I don’t stop after one round? Will I feel all charged up to have sex in pregnant condition? So on and so forth. And one question or an answer to one question will lead to another question. All these questions arise in your mind from the urge of taking care of yourself and the baby.

So, you have a whole question bank ready for your gynecologist – isn’t it? And you may be thinking you are the only one who is worried so much – right? The truth is – it is ok to have questions and the more you ask, the clearer you will be in your head.

Talking in general terms, sex during pregnancy is safe. It is a harmless act and that has been opined by many doctors. Now, once you know that having sex during pregnancy is safe, you must know what you have to follow and what you must avoid. Read below and find your answers: –

Why do they say it is safe to have sex during pregnancy?

It is safe to have sex during pregnancy because it won’t hurt your baby. In case you are having a normal pregnancy, sex is always harmless. Because your baby is protected by your abdomen and the muscular walls of your uterus. Also, your baby is nesting in the amniotic fluid, so, penetration and intercourse-related movements won’t be able to harm your baby at any cost.

But in case, there is already a complication in your pregnancy like pre-term labor or placenta-related problems, the doctors advise the couple not to engage in sexual activity during pregnancy. Whatever the case may be, it is suggested to consult your doctor always as no one knows your medical history more than your doctor.

Always remember that the muscular contractions that occur in your body during sex orgasm are not similar to labor contractions. For the final weeks of pregnancy, to avoid any sort of uncertain complications, doctors do ask to stay away from having sex. Because in that case, the hormones in male semen also known as prostaglandins can kindle contractions.

Having sex and inducing labor: –

As shown in the world-famous TV show FRIENDS, yes, in some cases doctors advise having sex to induce contractions. But that’s exclusively for those pregnant ladies who are overdue. Again, as said earlier, always play as your doctors recommend. Actually, it’s a belief among some doctors that the prostaglandins in semen induce labor in full-term or overdue pregnancy cases. Because the gel used to develop the cervix and induce labor also have these prostaglandins. But another section of doctors doesn’t believe in this theory.

Sex during pregnancy and miscarriage: –

If you are not stopping your sexual urges fearing miscarriage, then you must know that miscarriages never occur due to sex with pregnant lady. Most miscarriages happen because of the underdeveloped fetus. Your sexual life won’t initiate this mishap. You may ask your physician for the same.

Cases when you should not have sex during pregnancy: –

The first thing to keep in mind is your health and comfort level. Any position, any particular thing you aren’t comfortable with – don’t do it. Also, keep in mind these following cases or situations when you have to say no to the idea of sex during pregnancy: –

  1. Don’t engage in sexual activities during pregnancy if you have had a miscarriage before or have a risk of miscarriage.
  2. If your cervix has opened in the early stages of pregnancy, then it’s a strict NO for sex.
  3. No sex during pregnancy is suggested if you have any vaginal bleeding or cramping.
  4. You shouldn’t engage in sex during pregnancy if your placenta is lying too low in your uterus.
  5. In case you are expecting twins, you should not have sex during pregnancy.
  6. If the doctors have indicated pre-term labor, then having sex isn’t safe.
  7. The amniotic fluid may pour out or at some stage, it may have its membranes ruptured. In both these cases, don’t have sex.

Pregnancy or the process of bringing another human being into your life is a serious concern. You and your partner have high hopes and thus you must avoid all those things that your doctors said NO to. Don’t delay in contacting your doctor when you see any kind of bleeding, pain, contractions, or any kind of discomfort after having sex during pregnancy.

Sexual positions during pregnancy: –

In all normal cases of pregnancy, sex is safe. But having said that, you may not want to engage in sex the way you used to do before because that may not be comfortable for the women. So, this is the ripe time for you to experiment with varied sex positions. For example, if you have always kept anal sex away, then having anal sex during pregnancy can be a good idea as its safe.

Any sex position which is safe and comfortable for the pregnant woman is welcome. So, your main concern must be to keep the weight and pressure away from the belly. Also, prefer those positions that will keep you off your back as they help avoid any blood flow compressions.

You may try these sex positions during pregnancy obviously after checking with your doctor and discussing with your partner: –

  1. Doggy style or sex from behind
  2. Sex in the standing position
  3. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl pose
  4. Spooning sex
  5. Anal Sex
  6. Oral Sex
  7. Side-by-side sex position

Should I use a condom while having sex during pregnancy?

Condoms are used not only to avoid having a baby but also to keep all the STDs at bay. So, if you think that I am already pregnant, so, why use a condom to have sex, then you might reconsider. Remember that any sexually transmitted disease or infection during your pregnancy may cause serious health hazards not only for you but also for the baby.

You must avoid all forms of sex (oral, vaginal, or anal) in case your husband or partner has recently been diagnosed with any sexually transmitted infection.

It is advised to use condoms if you or your partner have multiple sexual partners (yes, even during pregnancy)

Benefits of having sex during pregnancy: –

With all these protocols to keep in mind, you must also know about the benefits of sex during pregnancy. Read below and know more about that.

  1. Whether you are pregnant or not, having sex is a pleasurable way to burn a good amount of calories. As you burn calories, your blood pressure remains normal and lowers for those with high BP. It remains the same during pregnancy. It is thus quite a physical workout for pregnant ladies. But be careful.
  2. When you are pregnant, there may be various questions or tensions that might hamper your sleep. Engaging in sexual activities during pregnancy might help you to enjoy a better sleep because it releases happy hormones and helps you relax.
  3. It is believed that having sex during pregnancy may help you have a better pelvic floor. The vaginal muscles will stay in great shape if you do so.
  4. The moment you feel anxious or stressed about things related to pregnancy and life after that, having sex will diminish those thoughts. As said earlier, having sex releases happy hormones, that’s why.
  5. Last but not least, you will bond with your partner/husband in a better way.

What if I am not at all interested in having sex during pregnancy?

Different women experience different things during pregnancy. Not finding any interest in having sex is one of them and it is absolutely normal. Generally, during the first trimester, when pregnancy is just new, you may not feel all charged up. But don’t worry, your sex drive during pregnancy will return with time.

What if I want to have more sex during pregnancy?

As explained, various women have various sexual patterns during pregnancy. You may want to have sex often and that is also ok. Maybe you never felt this sexy as you feel now and that is also ok to witness. Talk to your partner/husband openly about these feelings and come to a solution together.

Here is a common pattern of sexual urges or libido divided into three trimesters in general: –

1st Trimester: Most women feel nauseated or tired with the mention of sex during 1st trimester pregnancy. The growing breasts may make things feel uncomfortable too.

2nd Trimester: There is high blood flow throughout your body and that might kick in higher libido. It is absolutely ok if all you want is sex day and night during this time. You will experience sex orgasms too frequently.

3rd Trimester: As the due date approaches, you may start to feel uncomfortable in having sex during pregnancy third trimester.

All these might have now helped you a bit. If yes, don’t feel shy to share it with your other pregnant friends.

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