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Measure Oxygen Level And Make A Win Over COVID-19

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Measure Oxygen Level And Make A Win Over COVID-19

Whole world is fighting against one of the most depressing times of Covid- 19 which is changing its symptoms very fast. The second wave of the pandemic is considered more dangerous as it triggers breath shortness and attacks on normal oxygen level. People with COVID-19 are found to have low blood oxygen level even if they claim to feel well. It is an alarming call to get serious about medical care. Supplemental oxygen has become vital these days which is leading to a huge rise in its demand to maintain normal oxygen levels in the human body. People come to know late about the low level of oxygen in their blood. So, it is better to check your oxygen level to avoid complications and to lower the demand of supplemental oxygen. 

How To Measure Oxygen Level: 

To measure the normal oxygen level in the body is a need of hours. You may be thinking how it would be possible for you. Pulse ox (oximeter) is a device that measures oxygen level in the body. A small device is easy to use that you need to clip onto a finger or other parts of the body. You must have seen it in the clinics and hospitals. It is time to bring it home. 

Who Benefits From Pulse Oximeter Readings:

A normal oxygen level in the human body is a sign of your health and wellness and how your body is working. People with heart or lung conditions are recommended to use pulse oximeters at home. You can buy it without prescription. 

Normal Oximeter Reading:

Normal people have oxygenation levels to 95 % or more than it. It also means that your normal spo2 level should be 95% or more. But people with chronic lung issues or sleeping disorders may have 90 % normal level of oxygen. A spo2 level on the oximeter is the way to read oxygen level in the blood. 

spo2 meaning:

We have two types of hemoglobin in our bloods one is carrying oxygen and another is not carrying oxygen. Their measurement is called oxygen saturation which is also known as spo2 normal. Body needs a certain oxygen saturation level to function efficiently. People with chronic conditions including heart diseases, asthma, COPD, and many others can get relief from normal oxygen saturation. 

Do Covid -19 Patient Need Oximeter Reading ?

We don’t recommend covid patient oximeters but people who are already facing heart, lungs, breathing problems should buy it immediately. As covid has fatal effects on these patients to keep measuring the oxygen level in the blood. And the right measures can be taken at the right time. Covid 19 directly affects a patient’s respiratory system, people can face issues in breathing. Lungs help the body to get oxygen from the air and release carbon dioxide that how we inhale and exhale. In the inhaling process tiny alveoli expands to capture oxygen and transfer to our body via blood vessels. There are epithelial cells in the respiratory tract that protects our airway tracts from infections and pathogens. It also enables the body to exchange gas. Covid is capable of infecting these cells. Now the body’s immune system gets alert to fight against the infection and the body triggers inflammation. It restricts the oxygen transfer in our lungs. Paralleling fluids get built up. Combination of these two situations make your breathing difficult. There would be a deficiency of oxygen in your blood triggered by covid. Your neutrophil counts and white blood cells will also be elevated that will be the cause of inflammation. 

Using an oximeter app before getting infected by COVID can help as pulse oximeter normal range shows the oxygen level in the blood. With proper pulse oximeter normal reading people have chances to make up the oxygen level in the body. Stay aware and come out as a winner in the fight against COVID 19. 

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