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National Youth Day: How to Stay Mentally and Physically Youthful

Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

National Youth Day
Mentally Youthful
Physically Youthful

National Youth Day is also known as Vivekanand Jayanti. Who can be a better example to inspire young people for a young body and young mind than Swami Vivekanand? India is one of the countries of young people in the world who create a demographic dividend and could play a critical role in achieving the nation’s goal of becoming a superpower. With a large young population, India can offer a workforce as well as a market to the world. 

National Youth Day celebrated on January 12 every year, provides an opportunity to recognise the efforts of young people and inspire them to make a difference in the world just like Swami Vivekanad. Youthfulness should not just be defined by the physical aspects; our mental state matters too. Let us understand how staying youthful both mentally and physically is possible.

Achieving Mental Youthfulness

Living your life without worrying is possible with mental youthfulness. Here are some ways that help you stay mentally strong

1. Meditation 

For physical and mental well being, meditation is a panacea. Take some time out in the whole day to be with yourself only. Meditation is the best way to do so. 

2. Learn New Skills 

It is important to keep yourself aligned with what is going around in the world. You’re never too late to learn a new skill. Moreover, it enhances cognitive skills and helps you stay mentally strong. You might as well get a chance to add something new to your CV. 

3. Learn a New Language 

Learning a new language requires a great mental marathon. When you try to learn a new language, your thinking skills and ability to memorise improve. Try to learn as many languages as you can and let your mind expand. 

4. Socialize 

People who socialize more are found to have less anxiety and stress. Communicating and hanging out with new people require as well as lead to a powerful mind set. 

5. Engage in Recreational Activities 

Activities like dancing, singing, drawing, writing, etc. make you productive and calm your mind. Getting engaged in these activities helps us stay emotionally healthy and enhances cognitive functioning.

6. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Mind activity goes to null if you do repetitive activities. To stay mentally active, you always need to get into uncomfortable situations. That is the way to improve your personality and mental ability. 

Achieving Physical Youthfulness

Physical and mental health can lead to youthfulness. People look for technology or cosmetics when pondering upon the question “how to be young?”. As a result, they underestimate the safe and simple solutions like exercises, foods, miracles of nature, and others. Here are some basic things you can do if you want to know how to look younger

1. Go Natural

How to look younger naturally?  Try to have natural and organic foods as much as possible. Usually, people use cosmetic products for their hair and skin. But youthful appearance essentially depends on the health of hair and skin. Applying natural products is a good way but focusing on nourishment will do wonders. 

2. Exercise 

Exercising doesn’t always have to mean weight lifting, gym, or bodybuilding. Simple exercises like stretching, walking, playing, swimming, and yoga also can create a great difference in order to achieve physical and mental health. 

3. Bask in the Sun 

Take a sunbath for 15 minutes on a daily basis. It can do miracles to your physical and mental well being. It can improve sleep, boost immunity, provide youthful skin, balance blood pressure, shield against depression, and more. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Water consists of a wide range of minerals that contribute towards the health of your hair and skin apart from improving bodily functions. It is recommended to consume eight glasses of water daily. Staying hydrated enhances immunity, can improve your sleep quality and help keep the body temperature normal.

5. Sleep on Time

When constantly worrying about how to look younger, remember that sleeping in time will take you a long way. You must have noticed that if you sleep better your day would be energetic and productive. So, it is important to find ways to have quality sleep. 


Physical and mental well being go hand in hand. This National Youth Day, let’s take a pledge to be mindful of our daily habits so that it is easier for us to stay mentally and physically young. Afterall, the youth holds the future of our nation.

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