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Overthinking Fitness- Paralysis by Analysis

Here’s the deal. Advanced bodybuilding is complicated which is why you’ll see so many articles everywhere, dealing with the minute aspects of bodybuilding. Staying in shape is relatively simple. Let’s make it simple.

If you are and have been working out for more than 5 years consistently, then and only then, you fall in the advanced category and can go about procuring an advanced bodybuilder workout. For all the others we’d hate to break it to you but fitness is relatively easy to do. You need to train consistently, have a balanced nutrition plan and a holistic sleep schedule. It’s really that simple. Now why do you need to get in shape?

Well this question can’t be answered because it’s different for each person. In our previous articles we talked about some of the reasons people start working out. Getting in shape for yourself, your loved ones, wanting to take care of others and be in prime shape are just some of the reasons to get fit. Whatever your reason might be, the most important thing is that you start and don’t give up until you achieve your goal.

The goal, like your reason for getting in shape, is user specific. Furthermore this means that for some it called be the fabled how to get a six pack, whilst for others it is simply to lose a few kilos. Again whatever the reason, don’t over complicate things and just start. Getting your behind off the couch and hitting the gym is step number 1, no matter what you even do in the gym.

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The problem here is that people get too tangled up in sub-goals and lose hindsight of why they started in the first place. For bodybuilders that means, not deciding whether they want to build muscle, or lose fat, bulk or cut, high protein or high fat, etc. You get the point and what happens is that majority of the people are going to stay the same year round.

It’s the same game when it comes to weight loss. How many calories should I have, how much protein, fat or carbs? Should I do intermittent fasting or not? The basic rules to remember while talking about nutrition are that one needs to eat more or less than his maintenance depending on whether he or she is wanting to gain weight or lose weight. Another basic rule of thumb to stick to is the macronutrient ratio, or simply put how much protein, carbs and fat one should have. 40-40-20 is the ratio one should go by; meaning 40% of total calories from protein, 40% from carbs and 20% from fats. For each macronutrient have relatively “clean” sources of food. Yes, we know that nutrition is a tougher ball game but you really don’t need to go past these rules if you are a beginner.

Overthinking and getting engulfed in the advanced bodybuilding tips is what will lead to paralysis by analysis. This will reduce your already feeble motivation because of many things. Firstly, you can be intimidated at the sheer number of options presented to you. Many people don’t want to hop on the latest training and diet plan. They just want results. Keep it simple guys, it’s not that complicated.

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To achieve the results you must have the correct mindset. Many people ask us how to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks or how to reduce x number of kgs in 1 month. It’s just not possible whether you are following our guide to natural bodybuilding or otherwise. 5 minute abs, 10 minute fat burning is all nonsense, in my humble opinion. Something to note here is that as people we gravitate towards instant benefits. This is why steroid usage is popular despite the obvious health hazards. Obsession then, towards a great physique, is not recommended. The journey towards the physique and moreover what you become in the process is what matters.

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In conclusion, while there exist some advanced muscle building workouts and moreover lots of advanced workout plans, beginners just need to train regularly, using compound movements primarily. For nutrition just calculate your calories, stick to the macronutrient ratio and try to eat from clean sources of food like chicken breast for protein, sweet potato for carbohydrates and olive oil for healthy fats. Most importantly do not undermine the importance of sleep. Sleeping 7-8 hours keeps your muscles recovered.

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