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Pre and Post Workout Drinks in Refreshing Summer Flavours

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Pre and Post Workout Drinks

Anyone who visits the gym or exercises regularly understands the importance of workout drinks. Whether it is to stay hydrated, boost muscle recovery, or increase energy levels, these drinks are quite beneficial in making a workout session effective. Workout drinks can be primarily divided into two categories – pre-workout drinks and post-workout drinks. Pre-workout drinks significantly boost your energy levels and enhance your strength and stamina while exercising. On the other hand, post-workout drinks considerably help in repairing the wear and tear of muscles and replenishing glycogen levels to fuel your body. 

Best Pre and Post Workout Drinks by MuscleBlaze

With so many options available and various popular brands vying for your attention, it is no easy decision to choose the right workout drinks for yourself. So, we have curated a list of some of the most refreshing pre and post-workout drinks introduced by MuscleBlaze, which will make your workout sessions much more effective. 

  1. MuscleBlaze Game On

Available in a delicious green apple flavour, this pre-workout drink is completely free from any added sugar. Majorly formulated to enhance the performance of sports athletes and gamers, it significantly helps in increasing your metabolism, boosting brain functions and revitalising energy levels. Containing potent ingredients like L-arginine, taurine, tryptophan, and Vitamins B-complex, it increases your focus and cognition, keeping you sharp and alert for long hours to give you an edge. 

Infused with active ingredients such as theanine and caffeine, it boosts your endurance and reduces the reaction time, ensuring the maximum result for your efforts. Whether it’s energy or focus, it serves as an amazing performance booster for all aspects of your workout, making it one of the best workout drinks available out there. 

  1. MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL

Specially formulated for hard-core fitness enthusiasts looking to gain a sculpted physique with big muscles, this gainer comes in a yummy banana flavour. With a blend of slow and fast releasing proteins, it has an advanced formula that provides your body with 15 g of protein in every 100 g serving. Offering 75g of complex and simple carbs in every 100 g serving, this drink ensures a sustained and steady calorie release in your body for fuelling your muscles for a longer period of time. 

Containing the goodness of 27 essential vitamins and minerals, it also helps in regulating enzymes in your body and boosting your immunity. Moreover, it makes muscle recovery after intense workouts much easier and quicker, making it one of the best gainers for bodybuilders. 

  1. MuscleBlaze Pre Workout Ripped

Crafted to promote weight management while simultaneously preparing your body and mind for intense workout sessions, this pre-workout drink is available in a refreshing fruit splash flavour. Enriched with L-arginine and L-citrulline, it promotes nutrient-rich blood flow in your nerves and muscles to ensure faster muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery. 

Rich with taurine as well as a blend of slow and fast caffeine, it keeps you active and focused, making it one of the most effective workout drinks ever. Infused with garcinia extracts and L-carnitine tartrate, it helps in reducing the excess fat accumulated in the body. 

  1. MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein

Available in a tasty strawberry shake flavour, this whey protein is processed using a microfiltration process to provide whey isolate with only the purest form of protein and minimal traces of lactose. Providing 25 g of pure whey protein isolate in every 100 g serving, it boosts the recovery after intense workouts and elevates muscle synthesis. Offering 5.51 g of BCAA per serving, it supplies vital amino acids like leucine, valine, and isoleucine to promote muscle recovery and increase muscle synthesis. 

Packed with the power of Essential Amino Acids (EAA) and glutamic acid, it helps in maintaining a robust blood flow and amino acid supply to aid muscle synthesis while recovering muscles. Moreover, it is enriched with a blend of five digestive enzymes to increase your body’s ability to digest more protein. This makes it one of the best workout drinks available in the market. 

  1. MuscleBlaze Total Beast 

This ultimate pre-workout drink is packed with all the right ingredients to ensure a powerful workout session every time. Available in a mouth-watering tropical thunder flavour, it contains 275 mg of MB EnergyProTM blend, which consists of caffeine, ginseng, olive fruit extracts, vitamin K2-7, and pterocarpus extract. 

Containing 2500 mg L-citrulline, 300 mg rednite, and 1500 mg L-arginine, it gives you an awesome pump for spectacular gains. Enriched with caffeine, taurine, tyrosine, and theanine, it stimulates your mind and body to boost your energy levels and sharpen your focus. With 2000 mg beta alanine, this workout fuel significantly boosts your endurance, making it the best pre-workout drink for high-intensity workouts.

  1. MuscleBlaze Iso-Zero

Ideal for those interested in bodybuilding or achieving a ripped physique, this post-workout drink serves as a reliable source to meet your everyday protein intake requirements. Providing 30 g of pure whey proteins with negligible lactose content in every 100 g serving, it is readily absorbed by your muscles, increasing their size and volume. With a powerful blend of 14.15 g of EAAs, 5.28 g of glutamic acid and 6.64 g of BCAAs, it delays muscle fatigue, boosts muscle recovery, and prevents muscle loss. 

It also boosts your endurance to enable you to go through rigorous training and exercise, making it one of the most popular workout drinks. Completely free from trans-fat and sugar, it boosts the metabolism of your body’s deposited fats, ensuring a leaner physique. 

  1. MuscleBlaze Pre Workout WrathX

Formulated to ensure enhanced performance during workouts, this pre-workout drink is enriched with a potent blend of caffeine, theanine, and EnXtra to boost your energy levels. Containing L-citrulline and L-arginine, it gives you a massive muscle pump for desired vasodilation. Powered by a combination of taurine, choline, and tyrosine, it gives you laser-sharp focus and enhances your athletic performance. 

Moreover, it is enriched with the goodness of beta alanine, which significantly helps in increasing endurance and reducing fatigue. Moreover, with 750 mg of CreaPure, it helps in building a higher phosphocreatine reserve of ATP. This aids in increasing muscle mass and supports challenging training sessions.


Now that you know about the refreshing and effective workout drinks by MuscleBlaze, you must explore the different flavours that will help you beat the summer heat.

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