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How To Bulk Up With A Whey Weight Gainer

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Whey protein for weight gain is one of the most commonly consumed nutritional supplements on the market. It is extracted during the separation of milk from its solids from the milky transparent liquid that is full of pure protein. Several companies dehydrate this solution and add components such as added protein, flavourings, and certain chemical compounds that can enhance both the flavour and the nutrition profile of the supplement. 

When consumed as a part of our daily nutritional intake, a beginner protein supplement is a great way to help put on some healthy weight. All you have to do is maintain a caloric intake that is more than the recommended amount of food intake for the day itself. By doing this on a daily basis, you could potentially put on at least more than a pound in a single week. 

The Food and Nutrition Board of the Indian Medical Association suggests that in order to gain weight healthily, nearly 40% of your daily nutritional intake must be derived from a healthy source of protein. While there is no fixed amount, the recommended intake of whey protein for weight gain for a person changes from individual to individual depending on their age. This is why the FnB Board has come up with a brief table of protein intake recommendations. 

Let us understand more about how you can gain a good amount of healthy mass by including whey weight gainer in your everyday diet and following these methods:

Increase Food Intake

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One of the essential things to do while using whey protein powder for weight gain is to consume more food to create a caloric surplus in your body. In other words, you will be giving your body more calories than it needs. An excellent way to start would be to supplement your daily nutritional intake with an additional 300-500 calories to gain weight over some time slowly. 

Now keep in mind that the additional calories you substitute yourself with come from healthy and whole sources. Instead of consuming processed foods such as cheese and sugars, which are high in fats, try consuming healthy diet foods along with whey weight gainer that fills the nutritional gap that your body experiences. 

Additionally, trying to include at least one fruit a day in your daily diet along with the supplements such as whey protein for weight gain can help regulate your body’s insulin levels while healthily fulfilling your sugar cravings. Fruits are also an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins, which help in the growth and development of your body. 

Choose The Right Kind Of Protein

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While it is important that you consume a good amount of protein to keep you healthy and gain weight, it is also very essential that you choose the right kind of nutritional supplements such as the best whey protein for weight gain to include in your daily diet. 

Always make sure to opt for clean and healthy sources of protein. “Turn and Learn” is a habit that will always come in handy when you are purchasing any sort of food substance. Make it a habit to turn around your whey weight gainer bottle and read the table on the back of it to check for any harmful ingredients such as artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners, etc. 

Split Up Food Intake

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Another thing to follow while using whey protein powder for weight gain is to time your meals in a manner that you are consuming a minimum of 6 meals at the end of the day. You can also start snacking with protein-based recipes such as shakes or brownies. 

By splitting up your food intake, you can make sure that the body’s metabolism remains at a healthy pace and constantly has something to burn and produce energy from. Failing to do so will cause your body to absorb the preexisting muscle and fat from the body, leading to severe weight loss. This effect is all the more amplified in the cases of people who have high metabolic activity.

Fibre is your friend

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Fibre is one of the most essential dietary components to include in your daily food intake along with whey protein for weight gain for female. Not only is it useful during a weight loss program, but it is also useful for weight gain. The Food and Nutrition Board recommends consuming a minimum of 30 grams of fibre a day to maintain optimal levels. 

You can do this by following a method of food intake called the healthy eating plate. It is a form of food consumption wherein you split your eating plate into one part protein, one part carbs, and half part vegetables, which are primarily rich in fibre. Adding health supplements such as whey protein for weight gain male can be further beneficial in rounding off the essential nutrients that you consume. 

Get In The Gym 

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A huge part of any weight gain program is to consume as much healthy food as possible. However, these foods contain a lot of fats and carbs too which when not utilised get stored in the body in the form of fats rather than muscles. A good way to avoid this from happening would be to start hitting the gym as often as possible in addition to consuming 

Engaging in simple cardio along with whey protein for weight gain female can make sure that you don’t put on any unhealthy weight. You can start out your gymming process by going to the gym at least twice a week and working your way up to a comfortable pace. Not only will this help you gain weight, but you will also have a chiselled and healthy body at the end of the process.

Weight lifting can also prevent chronic illnesses such as heart disease by lowering the triglyceride count and blood pressure levels in our body. Additionally, it can also help with strengthening your bones and tissues by improving cellular regeneration and the flow of blood and oxygen.

It is also recommended that you enlist the help of a physiotherapist or a gym trainer during the initial stages of the training to help you identify and perform specific workouts that can aid you throughout your supplementation of whey protein for women’s weight gain. This makes sure that you don’t engage in workouts that end up burning more calories than you consume, leaving you right where you started.

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