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Protein Diet For Weight Loss For Women

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Protein Diet For Weight Loss For Women

Protein is an essential macronutrient that is required for the body to function properly. From muscle building, development to weight management, this macronutrient plays numerous roles in the enhancement of our overall health. 

Protein is excellent for reducing your belly fat and overall body fat while increasing your strength and muscle mass. It can help in fighting diabetes, lower blood pressure and more. 

Women play so many vital roles in her life that she hardly gets any time for herself, which leads to weight gain and other lifestyle diseases. Therefore, we decided to help all such women to lose weight rapidly using protein-rich food items.

Basic guidelines to be followed:

While maintaining a protein diet for weight loss, you have to follow some guidelines:

Maintain a food diary
  • Maintain a food diary: Use an app to log in your daily meals and get info about the amounts of protein, carbs, fibres and other vital nutrients that you are consuming. You can download the HealthKart app for the same. This will help you limit the amount of calorie intake.
  • Calculate your protein need: Before following a protein diet for women, you need to know how much protein your body needs. To calculate that you can multiply your weight in kilograms by 1.2–1.6 grams.
  • Consume at least 25 to 30 gs of protein per meal: If you are looking for rapid weight loss, then make sure each meal you consume contains at least 25 to 30 gs of protein. This supports rapid weight loss as well as lean muscle building.
  • Include a combination of both plant and animal protein: If you are a non-vegetarian, then we would suggest you include both animal and plant protein to your daily meals. This protein diet will help in providing your body with all the essential nutrients that support muscle building and improvement of overall health.

Benefits of protein-rich food items:

Benefits of protein-rich food items
  • Protein-rich food items support healthy weight loss by regulating your metabolism rate and curbing your appetite. It helps in suppressing your hunger pangs, which help in decreasing your calorie intake.
  • Protein-rich food items provide your body with amino acids that support the rapid recovery of muscles and tissues.
  • It helps in regulating your hormones
  • Protein supplements also help in enhancing your immunity
  • It helps in strengthening your muscles and bones
  • A protein diet help in building lean muscles  

Here are a few high protein low carb foods that are great for women who are trying to lose weight: 

  1. Eggs

One large egg can provide your body with as good as 6g of protein along with other vital nutrients. Eggs are high protein foods that contain low calories. You can have the egg white regularly and skip eating the yolk if you are looking forward to losing weight.

  1. Dairy products

You should include dairy items like milk, cheese, paneer, curd etc.  to your protein foods list for weight loss.  One glass of milk contains 3.5g of protein and 250g of cottage cheese contains 7.54grams of protein. Dairy products also contain calcium, which is essential for strengthening bones.

  1. Protein supplements

Supplements are the best protein for weight loss as these products are rich in vital nutrients that are beneficial for improving your overall health. A lot of protein supplements are formulated especially for women, which contains herbal products like Shatavari, ashwagandha, etc, which helps in regulating hormones in a woman’s body. Both plant-based and animal-based supplements are high protein low carb foods, which offers a lot of health benefits. If you are lactose intolerant, then you can choose plant protein as well. 

  1.  Quinoa

If you are looking for a high fibre and high protein diet food, then you should go for quinoa. This is highly nutritious and contains significantly fewer carbohydrates and is, therefore, an excellent option for weight loss. 50g of quinoa contains around 14.1g of protein.

  1. Pulses

You should include pulses to your high protein low carb diet plan, as it is highly nutritious, which helps in rapid weight loss. Apart from being a rich source of protein, pulses also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which makes it healthy diet food. Some of the pulses are a rich source of folate, which helps a woman during her pregnancy period or while she is trying to conceive.

  1. Chicken

Around 172 g of chicken breast can provide your body with as good as 54 g of protein. If you are a non-vegetarian, then we will suggest you include chicken to your high protein diet plan. Chicken is rich in protein and other vital nutrients that not only supports weight loss but also helps in muscle building.

  1. Seeds and dry fruits

If you seriously wish to shed those extra kilos from your body, then you must include seeds and dry fruits in your protein foods list. Seeds such as sunflower, flax, chia, etc. are a rich source of protein and other vital nutrients, which supports weight management as well as regulating the menstrual cycle. You can include dry fruits like almonds and walnuts to your daily diet but try to avoid cashew as it can lead to weight gain.

  1. Peanuts

100g of peanuts provides our body with 25.8g protein. Peanuts are the best food items that should be included in your protein-rich diet plan, if you wish to eat healthy calories. Peanuts help in reducing cholesterol and also helps in muscle development. 

  1. Oats

Oats are highly fibrous, and a rich source of protein, which helps in healthy weight management.100g of oats provides your body with about 13.2g of protein. It offers the protein for weight loss and also supports maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Conclusion: It is excellent to follow a protein-rich diet for achieving your fitness goals in a short span of time. However, you need to do some physical exercise if you wish to see the desired results quickly. Make sure you do not consume more protein than what is required by the body as this can be harmful to your health. Also, if you are having any medical condition, which prohibits the consumption of excess protein, then make sure you consult a medical practitioner.

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