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Protein For Pregnant Women– Must Know And Must Have

protein for pregnant women
Why Is It Crucial To Eat Protein In Pregnancy
Benefits Of Protein In Pregnancy
What Quantity Of Protein For Pregnant Women Is Ideal
Which Food Provide Best Protein For Pregnancy

Eating nutritious and healthy is the most crucial aspect that must be carefully looked after during pregnancy. Protein for pregnant women is imperative, as it provides the mother with energy and all the goodness and helps the baby grow and develop. 

To-be mothers must take high protein in pregnancy, as it helps develop the baby’s skin, hair, and muscles. It also gives the pregnant woman energy and also benefits her in plenty of ways.

Chicken, eggs and tofu can provide plenty of protein in pregnancy. However, in today’s time and age, there are a lot of supplements available too. But these must be taken under the guidance of the doctor.

Why Is It Crucial To Eat Protein In Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it’s not just the belly that grows; it’s the need for protein too that keeps multiplying as your baby starts developing the various organs and other parts of the body. 

There are various other reasons too, why a pregnant woman should indulge in protein-rich food.

  • An expecting mother needs protein in pregnancy in large amounts. This is because it is responsible for balancing the fluids in the body, which helps maintain blood pressure and keeps swelling away. 
  • Also, when the baby is growing inside, the mother’s body is growing too, to accommodate the baby. Hence, when the body grows, it needs more mass and muscle. 
  • Protein also provides the woman with extra energy which is needed in this period.
  • Protein is a responsible element which helps in providing blood to the baby. Hence, the consumption of this nutrient should be increased, so that sufficient blood can reach the baby growing inside.
  • Protein also helps the baby grow. It is also crucial for the development of the various organs of the baby.

Therefore, consuming protein while pregnant helps the mother and the little one inside immensely.

Benefits Of Protein In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women must be cautious about what they are eating and how much they are eating. This is because, during this time, the woman doesn’t eat just for herself; she even has to take care of the child’s dietary requirements growing inside. Therefore, protein becomes a crucial part of the diet during pregnancy.

Protein during pregnancy is highly beneficial, as it provides the following benefits to the mother and the child –

  1. Protein helps to develop muscle, cells and tissues – 

During pregnancy, our bodies are going through a massive change. The protein you consume breaks down into amino acid, which helps build cells, muscles, tissues and organs. The amino acids help build the baby’s muscles and tissues, too, which is growing rapidly inside.

  1. Protein helps to transport blood in the body, and to the baby – 

Protein for pregnant women is highly crucial, as it helps to transport blood to the various organs and to the baby as well. During pregnancy, there is a dramatic change in the body’s blood volume, which is because the baby too needs blood to grow. Therefore, protein in pregnancy helps the blood reach all organs, tissues, and most importantly, the baby.

  1. Making antibodies for the immune system – 

One of the primary roles of protein during pregnancy is that it helps build antibodies in the woman, which makes the woman’s immune system stronger, so that the mother and the child can fight germs, viruses, and infections, easily.

  1. Repairing damaged tissues – 

High protein in pregnancy is also recommended because it helps in repairing damaged tissues. As a woman’s belly grows and the child fights for space inside, many tissues get damaged and ruptured inside. The amino acids in protein help to repair these tissues easily. It also helps the uterine tissues to grow, which is an extremely beneficial factor.

  1. Making hormones and enzymes – 

Adding high protein for pregnant women in their diets becomes extremely necessary as it helps make hormones and enzymes, both of which are super important for the mother and the to-be born.

What Quantity Of Protein For Pregnant Women Is Ideal?

Now that we have established that women must indulge in high protein in pregnancy, you might also be thinking, how much protein can be taken by a pregnant woman in one day.

Well, to answer your question, since the woman’s and the baby’s body goes through a lot during this phase, it is recommended that women must consume at least 0.75g per 1 Kg of body weight per day. That means, if a woman weighs around 65 Kgs, she must consume at least 65 x 0.75g/d = 48.75 grams of protein in a day. 

Generally, doctors recommend taking protein in some or another form with every meal to have absolute balance in the diet.

Which Food Provide Best Protein For Pregnancy

When it comes to being healthy during pregnancy, it is not just the quantity of protein for pregnant women, where to get the best protein for pregnancy also plays a huge role. 

Here is a list of sources, which offer high protein in pregnancy for women to be healthy and give birth to a strong and healthy baby –

Meat & Poultry

Lean cuts, like chicken breast and thighs, can be consumed during pregnancy. However, make sure that these are without the skin, as you do not want to consume food items that are high in saturated fats. 

Seeds & Nuts 

Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are rich in protein and can be taken on their own or in breakfasts with your smoothies, cereal and much more.


Being high in protein, a pregnant woman should consume one egg every day, as it is an excellent source of protein in pregnancy.


Pulses are significant, as they provide all the goodness and none of the bad stuff. Being high in protein, pulses are great for pregnant women and their babies.

Milk, Cheese & Dairy

Apart from being great sources of protein, milk, cheese, and other dairy products also have many other nutrients required by the body during pregnancy.

While it is true that these sources provide the best protein for pregnancy, many women also indulge in whey protein during pregnancy. This can be a good source of protein, but it might not always act in your favour. Therefore, what kinds of protein for pregnant women would suit them the best, and how much quantity should they be taking it in should be the doctor’s call. Therefore, do not forget to consult them. 

Nonetheless, protein is vital and should be taken in every meal by pregnant women during the nine months of their pregnancy.

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