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The Nine Essential Amino Acids In Your Protein Diet

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The Nine Essential Amino Acids In Your Protein Diet
What are Essential Amino Acids & Its Types
Including Essential Amino Acids In Your Diet 

If you have been told that you need to eat these 9 essential amino acids in order to build muscle and gain weight, you are not alone. This information has been around for decades. The scientific name for each of these is “proteins”. They also contain many other compounds that work together in the body to produce overall health and well being.

What are Essential Amino Acids & Its Types? 

  • The first nine essential amino acids are very important to the body’s functioning. Essential amino acids list include: histidine, leucine,  isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, valine and tryptophan. All of these amino acids have various functions in the body and each of them plays a critical role. These proteins can be found in many protein rich foods and many supplements. It is highly recommended that you eat foods that contain high levels of these main amino acids if you want to gain muscle and lose fat and gain other amino acids benefits.
  • Protein is made up of the first two forms of amino acids. It is the case that these two forms are the only ones that actually provide complete protein. One form, known as the essential amino acid, is only necessary for protein synthesis (break down protein into usable energy). The second, the nonessential amino acid, is only needed for protein utilization (using the protein for energy).

Including Essential Amino Acids In Your Diet 

  • When you decide to add amino acids protein to your diet, you need to make sure you get enough of the right type of protein. That is why it is better to consume balanced meals of meat, chicken, fish, egg whites, soy sauce, etc. rather than eating one large meal of meat. Also, it is better not to eat too much simple carbs (breads, rice, pasta). As these are only used as sources of energy, they will not provide the nutrients your body needs. A well balanced diet is the only way to get all the essential amino acids and a healthy body.
  • Many people think that just by eating enough protein and avoiding carbohydrates they will build strong muscles. But this is not true, you need both complex carbs and protein in proper proportion. If you want to gain muscle and lose fat, have a good amount of complex carbs and consume whey protein or complete protein supplements like amino acid tablets, BCAA protein and much more. 
  • Some of the good sources of amino acids foods are meat, fish, poultry, eggs and even lentils. However, you may have trouble finding quality beef, chicken or eggs if you do not live in an area that has access to organic pasture raised poultry or beef. There is an alternative to consuming unhealthy meat; you can purchase vegetarian substitutes. This will help you get the same amount of protein without the unhealthy saturated fats.
  • You should also consider some good food sources of value: beans, peas, buckwheat, semolina, flaxseeds and prunes. 

If you are planning to increase your intake of these nine essential amino acids through food or supplement, don’t forget to consult a dietician and doctor to know how much of it your body needs and along with it make sure you follow a proper workout routine and have rest also. How do you meet your protein requirements? What’s your favourite sources of amino acids or any high protein diet that you follow? Do want to share any preworkout tips, feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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