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Top 5 Abs Exercises to Get Amazing Abs and Obliques!

Written By Puneet

Top 5 Exercises to Build Amazing Abs and Obliques!

You need to do weighted and high reps to develop some serious washboard abs so that you get that 3-D look and your abs pop. We bring you the Top 5 Exercises to Build Amazing Abs and Obliques!

Starting off strong! This is one of the most demanding ab exercises as it not only targets your complete abdomen region but also your core and lower back. The form is extremely important with this exercise and you must remember to hinge your knees, while rolling down to keep your back straight and moreover come back up the minute you feel your abs contract. I’d recommend you start the workout with this exercise as it warms up your core pretty well. Do as many reps as your body allows for those six pack abs!

Another classic six pack abs exercise. This exercise is going to work your lower abs, which is perhaps the second hardest muscle to target after the infamous inner chest, along with your core, grip and forearms. There are many variations to this exercise, depending on the difficulty level. The classic form is to bend your legs and raise them while grabbing onto a pullup bar or even a barbell fixed to squat rack. To increase the difficulty, don’t bend your knees and to take it even beyond after one rep do side raises to hit your obliques!

One of most effective fat burning abs exercise. Many people remember to hit abs but forget that obliques are a part and parcel of ripped abs. Nobody wants fat obliques so twisting movements are preferred over bending ones. In comes the russian twists, an exercise that not only stimulates your core but also targets abs in the process. Just remember to not bend down too low otherwise you are at the risk of stressing your lower back. Increase the weight for maximum body weight loss!

The best of all ab exercises. Keep your back bent and crunch down while keeping the rope between your head. Make sure both hands are close to your ears and do not settle for anything under 12-15 reps here. Abdomen muscles by default are designed to recover quickly so surely superset this with the next exercise for burning your body fat!

Abdominal exercises and workouts are equally important. I have literally seen 1 person in two years to do this move and as soon as I tried it, I saw my obliques chiselling. While obliques are surely not a part of abs, they still provide crazy aesthethic value to your physique. You can attach the cable both below and above and you must pull in a way you would chop wood by. This will help you in building muscle and losing fat. Also remember, you need to go slow and feel the contraction in the obliques. Don’t randomly just start twisting because none of the reps count until you feel them in your obliques. Chop away guys!

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