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Top 5 BCAA supplements of 2015

Written By Puneet

व्यायाम से पहले सप्लिमेंट्स – आदत या निर्भरता?

We bring you the Top BCAA Supplements of 2015. BCAA supplements stand for Branch Chain Amino acids that are used to aid in recovery and prevent muscle loss amongst other things

But what makes a BCAA supplement the best selling BCAA supplement? I’ve narrowed it down to four important categories. As always, this is my personal perspective, so if you disagree let me know why in the comments below. Nutritional breakdown is the first aspect and crucial to judging any best BCAA supplement list. I would not only be looking at the ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine but also the clarity of ingredients listed, and other beneficial ingredients the supplement might have.

Flavours and Taste although subjective is also relatively important. Number of flavours and then taste are the judging criteria here. The last two are pretty simple. Protein Supplements are expensive and thus the higher the value for money score, the higher bang-for-your-buck the supplement is. Effectiveness is subjective and based on my extensive use of the supplement in the gym as all the supplements below are intra-training based BCAA’s, meaning you consume them during your training. Enough talk. On with the rankings!

  • Nutritional Breakdown- 3/10
  • Flavours and Taste- 8.5/10
  • Value for Money- 5/10
  • Effectivness- 8/10

BSN Amino X though a brilliant product, like all BSN products is the result of a ‘proprietary blend’. This means I don’t know the amount of leucine to isoleucine to valine and I am not alright with that! Other than that this product is extremely effective because of the inclusion of whey and is hands down one of the best tasting BCAA’s. Problem? It fizzes a lot meaning there is a chance that as soon as you open the lid, the shaker might explode. It’s happened to me guys!

Buy BSN Amino-X

  • Nutritional Breakdown- 9/10
  • Flavours and Taste- 8/10
  • Value for Money- 6/10
  • Effectiveness- 8/10

A new entry to the Indian market, RSP are bringing their A-game for the BCAA market. Nutritionally not only do they have a lot of BCAA’s, but also electrolytes like Sodium and Potassium to help you recover from workouts better. Their Watermelon flavour is delicious and have a wide variety of flavours although the flavours are mild. Regen is quite expensive, although very effective for your workout needs.

Buy RSP-Regen

  • Nutritional Breakdown- 8/10
  • Flavours and Taste- 9/10
  • Value for Money- 2/10
  • Effectiveness- 9/10

This here used to be the king of all BCAA’s. Although the importance of BCAA’s are not in question, Xtend is literally the perfect intraworkout tool because it contains electrolytes and citrulline so you will get enduring and lasting pumps during your workout! With absolutely delicious flavours like Watermelon, Grape and Lemon Lime the only bad for this BCAA is price. It retails above 3000 which naturally gives it a horrible score for value for money although it’s extremely effective.

Buy Scivation Xtend

  • Nutritional Breakdown- 9/10
  • Flavours and Taste- 9.5/10
  • Value for Money- 6.5/10
  • Effectiveness- 9/10

Nutritionally it has 7g of BCAA’s, and other delicious treats like green coffee bean extract and glutamine! So not only are you recovering at the rate of wolverine but you will also drain it all in one go because this product is delicious especially in the lychee and cola flavours. It’s also as effective as Xtend but it gets an average value for money score because it retails in the 2500 mark but what pushes it up are the extremely remarkable results. ESN really hit it out of the park with this one. A must try!

Buy ESN Amino Lean

  • Nutritional Breakdown- 9/10
  • Flavours and Taste- 2/10
  • Value for Money- 9/10
  • Effectiveness- 9/10

Ignore the trolling and see why is product is genuinely brilliant. It’s got a 2:1:1 ratio and a whopping 7g of BCAA’s. Perfect for intra-workout use. Plus MuscleBlaze exactly list down what their product comprises of unlike other known supplement brands. The value for money on this is beyond brilliant as it retails below 2000, with the only downside being that there is only one flavour. MuscleBlaze needs to come up with some new ones quick although you do get 50 servings which means one tub lasts two months and per serve costs you a measly thirty three rupees per serve!

Buy MuscleBlaze BCAA

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