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Top 5 exercises to build BOULDER SHOULDERS!

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At most bodybuilding competitions the shoulders either make or break a physique. Every person thus strives for those 3-D delts. Below are 5 exercises that will help you make the necessary changes to your workout for those canonball delts!

1. Overhead Press

how to shoulder press

Overhead press is undoubtedly the king of all shoulder excercises often known as the squat for the upper body. Not only does this work your front delt but also the back and side delts and also some upper chest! It’s no wonder that people do this excercise then to save their precious gym time. Always remember to do this excercise with the full range of motion i.e. bringing the barbell to your upper chest slowly and exploding up while extending your neck forward. This is a sureshot way to gains!


2. Arnold Press

how to arnold press

Named after the greatest bodybuilder of all time, this excercise would get you closer to Arnold’s infamous shoulders. Not only does this pressing movement work the front delt but also the side delt and forearms with the twisting motion that makes this movement so unique. Bring the dumbells down slowly while twisting your wrist and your delts will surely scream in agony. 


3. Side Lateral Raise

how to lateral raise

The side lateral raise is the diffrentiating excercise between a good and a great physique. This is due to the fact that this movement works your side delt as well as your traps. Hence this movement will give your shoulders a much fuller look as opposed to someone who just does pressing movements. One thing to always remember whilst performing this exercise is to NEVER jerk your lower back while trying to lift a heavy weight. Instead, keep your back straight, lower the weight if need be and see your shoulders grow!


4. Shrugs

how to shrug

It is been said lately that ‘traps are the new abs’. Rightly so, because your traps will contribute greatly to your V-taper and will give you the aesthetic look that everyone craves. Shrugs is a natural excercise to train this muscle effectively and is safer to perform than the upright row. Remember to ALWAYS use a barbell while performing shrugs because most commerical gym’s don’t have heavy dumbells that will stimulate the trap muscle. Go hard or go home is the key to making this muscle grow!


5. Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

how to rear delt raise

The rear delt is a small muscle that stabilizes the shoulder muscle which is why it is EXTREMELY important to train this muscle. People usually just focus on front delts which causes them to overpower the rear delts and this results in muscular imbalances. Unlike traps, start with a moderate weight with this excercise and lower the weight with each set and increase the reps. Keep your torso bent at all times and you will see the aesthetics blossom! 

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