Transformation 1 MIN READ Apr 5, 2024

Courage is the Only Solution – Arun Yadav’s Journey

19/21 52kg > 65kg 8.3% > 14%

1. Why did you decide to transform?

I was too skinny when I was in school and at some point it affected my self confidence.

2. How did you accomplish your goals?

I achieved my goals by being consistent and having a clear vision.

3. Training routine that helped you achieve your goals?

It is through working out 5-6 times a week that I was able to accomplish my goal. I also included bro split, which turned out to be the best choice that I made in my training program.

4. Which supplements did you take?

I trusted creatine, protein, and pre workout supplements to achieve my transformation.

5. What challenges did you face during your transformation?

Sometimes, I found it hard to stay motivated and felt a lack of courage while I was on this journey.

6. Suggestion for future transformers.

Being consistent towards your goal is the key to stay motivated. Also, make sure you never skip the gym.

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