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Weight Management Diet in Monsoon

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Diet in Monsoon

Monsoon is the season to have hot pakoras served right from the pan paired with tea or kachori and jalebi in the morning. Even though the taste goes away after a few hours, the unhealthy fat that your body takes in remains. Hence, losing weight and maintaining a healthy life becomes difficult. On the other hand, with some good strategies, you can control these cravings. If you can choose healthy substitutes, you will be able to maintain your routine of having healthy diet in monsoon. Keep reading to find out the secret to staying fit during the monsoon. 

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Diet in Monsoon

If you start with the right advice, maintaining the proper diet is not that tough. Here are the strategies:

1. Munch on a Healthy Snack

Eating deep-fried snacks, chips, or fritters are just very common monsoon delicacies. We are not telling you to avoid that craving as that may affect your mind. So, what should you do? You can follow some tips to trick your mind, especially when you’re looking for healthy foods to eat everyday.


A. Try to consume a little portion

B. Try out baked, roasted, or grilled snacks


Roasted corn, nuts, dry fruits, dark chocolates, and sautéed veggies.

2. Add Seasonal Fruits to Your Diet

Fruit for breakfast or lunch is usually a great way to maintain your calorie intake throughout the day and ensure a balanced diet. Consuming seasonal fruits regularly strengthens the immune system. Fruits are rich in vitamins and fibre. Fibre helps control weight and vitamins ensure overall well-being.


A. Eat fresh fruits in your breakfast

B. Try to take at least 1 meal with only fruits


Mixed fruits salads, mixed fruit juice, toned milkshakes, etc.

3. Add Special Spices to Your Tea

Tea with special herbs works magically when you want to manage your diet in monsoon. With the goodness of herbs, this tea can be your ideal partner on a monsoon evening.


A. Try to use low-fat milk 

B. Add jaggery or sugar substitute to it


You can use the spices like ginger, sacred fig/ Pipul, fennel, long pepper, black pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon.

4. Add Mixed Vegetables to Your Meals

Vegetables are a great option for preparing a healthy meal while we try to maintain a healthy diet in monsoon. Lots of green and fresh veggies you can try this time of the year. Needless to say, adding veggies to your meal not only makes the dish special but healthy as well.


A. Try to add mixed vegetables to your regular meal

B. Try to replace high-calorie ingredients with fresh veggies


Put more veggies on your sandwiches, bread, curries, wraps, khichdi, dal, or any other side dishes, etc.

5. Choose Soup for Dinner

When you want to try healthy recipes for weight loss, soups can be a great choice. Be it vegetable soups or soups with no vegetables, both have great nutritional value. You may sometimes struggle with Basal Metabolic Rate issues; this is why choosing soup for dinner may benefit you.


A. Make a soup with mixed veggies and chicken for dinner

B. You can opt for olive oil or a small amount of butter for better taste


Chicken soup, mushroom soups, tomato soup, broccoli soup, spinach soup

Other Things to Keep in Mind for Healthy Diet

Maintaining a diet in monsoon is not a big deal if you can follow a particular road map. So, here are some of the ultimate tips you may follow: 

  1. To get the ultimate benefits from your diet, it is important that you keep on checking what you get through your meal
  2. Replace all unhealthy options with healthy ones
  3. Keep a check on the ingredients and focus on their nutritional value
  4. Keep your body hydrated
  5. Cut on Sugar/any high-calorie foods/excessive salt
  6. Try to participate in activities like jogging, walking and indoor exercises [esp when it is raining outside]


To sum up, monsoon is a season of comfort but it is not wise to be too comfortable with your diet. So, follow the aforementioned tips to curate your diet in monsoon and enjoy the bliss of this season while keeping your weight in check. 

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