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What Is Skin Purging and How Do We Cure It?

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Skin Purging
What is the Cause of Skin Purging?
Is Skin Purging Good for Your Skin?
What Does Skin Purging Look Like?
How Can You Treat and Prevent Skin Purging?
Difference Between Skin Purging and Skin Breakout
When Do You Need to Contact a Dermatologist?

It takes a lot to maintain healthy and radiant skin. Following a proper skin care regime is extremely crucial, especially in current times. However, introducing any new product to your regime is not always a smooth ride. It can lead to problems like skin purging.  

Skin purging refers to a temporary breakdown in the skin. The skin gets eroded due to multiple factors like use of certain products, reaction to certain weather environments or food items, and so on. You can develop red spots and experience other irritating changes such as dryness, peeling, etc. when your skin has purged. 

The good thing about skin purging is that it is temporary, it can be cured and prevented. Do also keep in mind that skin breakdown can occur in the face, legs, and body anywhere. For instance, a purging face can also develop by using unsuitable face cream. 

What is the Cause of Skin Purging?

  1. Chemicals in anti-ageing and anti-acne creams can actively cause purging 
  2. Low-quality and cheap skin care products can lead to skin purging and are detrimental to your entire skin type. 
  3. The presence of alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid in certain exfoliators can cause skin purging
  4. Highly active ingredients that can leave you with a purging face are benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, and hydro-oxide. These chemicals can cause irritation and red spots on any skin, no matter the type. 
  5. Use of chemical peel-offs, facial bleach, micro-needling, and laser usage can also leave you with a purged skin. 

Is Skin Purging Good for Your Skin?

The bright side of skin purging is that it results in gorgeous, healthy skin that looks young. Thus, many skin experts believe that skin purging is beneficial.

The use of exfoliating creams and other skin care products that cause skin purging helps your skin get rid of dead skin cells, extra sebum, and product residue.

Even if it could lead to an acne outbreak, it’s just a phase. You are left with a healthier version of your skin when the skin purging process is completed.

What Does Skin Purging Look Like?

When your skin is purging, it’s common for different types of pimples to develop on it. The most common signs of skin purging could be:

  1. A formation of microcomedones or comedonal acne on your skin in the places where the product was used. Whiteheads and blackheads are typical signs of skin purging.
  2. Dry, scaly skin
  3. Mild sensitivity of the skin
  4. Pustules, papules, and cysts associated with inflammatory acne may develop.
  5. Little red lumps that could hurt when touched
  6. Blind bumps that are hidden beneath the skin

How Can You Treat and Prevent Skin Purging?

  1. Try to avoid using any type of product or substance that is highly laced with chemicals and other exfoliates. 
  2. Avoid being exposed to direct sun rays for long durations. Direct UV rays are very harmful to your skin, especially for a person who has a sensitive skin type.
  3. Do not fiddle around with your pimples or any mark on the skin. Touching and removing these pimples with your hand can lead to infecting them further and destroying the skin area around them. Leave the pimple as it is and let it go by itself. 
  4. Try to use products that are chemical free and approved by a dermatologist – organic and plant-based products are recommended. However, before you use any product after a failed product, try to give your skin a 5-7 days’ cooling off period, so that the skin can adjust to the new product that you will be using. 
  5. Make sure that when you wipe your face or body, the towel is clean and the cloth is of good cotton quality. One of the reasons for skin purging before and after is the usage of dirty and shady cloth. 
  6. Limit your channel of infection by keeping hygiene around your surroundings. 

Difference Between Skin Purging and Skin Breakout

Skin PurgingSkin Breakout
It will not leave any kind of mark on the skinIt leaves a mark on the skin as it heals up gradually
Clears the skin faster and in a smoother wayTakes time to clear and does not have to be smooth
Purging happens at the same time and area Keeps recurring and spreads all over
Takes about 2 to 3 weeks to completely heal itselfTakes about 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal itself but leaves marks that fade over time
Caused due to acids used in productsCaused due to external factors, hormonal imbalances, eczema, etc.
Skin peels off and flakesInflammation of skin and rashes all over

When Do You Need to Contact a Dermatologist?

Any signs of harsh rashes or red spots that are prevailing for more than 5 days mean that the problem has aggravated and needs immediate attention from a skilled dermatologist. Skin is a sensitive component of your body and it cannot be compromised for any reason. Always consult your skin care doctor for any serious skin problems and immediately stop following any skin purging products. 


Skin purging is a serious issue and has to be carefully taken care of. Negligence can lead to numerous  skin diseases which are considerably difficult to cure. However, skin purging and face purging is temporary and can be easily cured and prevented, having followed the right procedures. 

Avoiding the use of harmful chemicals as well as keeping skin hydrated and toned is the key to smooth and even toned skin. Moreover, maintaining hygienic surroundings is also crucial and use of organic and chemical-free products is recommended.

Never neglect serious skin problems and immediately consult your nearest dermatologist for better results.

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