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What to Eat Before Swimming?

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

What to Eat Before Swimming

Swimming is one of the most prevalent and accepted sports across the world. Moreover, swimming provides a wholesome body exercise and also it requires a lot of energy. Therefore, a proper diet for swimmers is quite necessary. But the question is – “what to eat before swimming?”.

Swimming is a wonderful method to stay fit and healthy and is a nice workout for the entire body. 

Whether you swim for leisure, fitness, or competition, it is critical to energise your body and improve your performance by eating the correct foods before you swim. Swimming on an empty stomach will deprive you of the performance and make you feel weak. You cannot just eat anything, consuming healthy foods is important.

Advantages of Eating Before Swimming

Eating well before a swim helps strengthen your overall body and improves cardiovascular health, which in turn leads to better performance. It is worth noting that carbohydrates are the primary fuel for exercise and when taken, they are stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver.

Remember, when you eat, your body sends blood to your digestive system in order to help breakdown and process the food so that you can digest and also gain the energy from that particular food item. During the activity, blood flow is directed to your muscles and your movements are coordinated accordingly. 

Eating before swimming is very crucial for beginners. Consuming the appropriate nutrients at a proper time may have a bigger influence on your strength and fitness and you’ll see faster increase in your performance. 

Did you know - What To Eat Before Swimming

Swimming soon after having your pre-swim meal can deprive both your digestive system and your muscles from the blood flow they require to perform properly. So, it is recommended to take some time to relax and let the food break down and give you the energy required to swim and perform. 

Please note that healthy food must be consumed before as well as after swimming. Because after the swim, one tends to lose all the energy – so, re-fueling is necessary. 

What to Eat Before Swimming?

Listed below are some of the best food options you can go for before you go for a swim:

1. Milk

It is a source of vitamin D, calcium, and potassium. No swimmer can afford to miss out on this food item. 

2. Green Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables like spinach and collard green are highly rich in iron and calcium. These vegetables help you maintain a strong immune system

3. Nuts and Seeds 

Nuts and seeds are high in good fats, fibre, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. Try to add them to your cereal, yoghurt, or simply consume them raw. If you are not allergic, peanuts and walnuts are abundant in a variety of vitamins and acids that support balanced motions and high energy levels in sportsmen.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has, from ages, been considered as an effective antioxidant. The cocoa present in dark chocolates can be considered as a great option in diet for swimmers.

5. Apples 

Eating apples on a regular basis has been related to enhanced resistance to free radicals. These unstable reactive free radicals try to form bonds with other molecules and destroy our inner body functioning. Cancer and several autoimmune diseases have even been related to free radicals. Antioxidants present in apples help in the prevention of damage caused by free radicals.

6. Beans of Any Type 

Beans are quite healthy and complement a variety of meals. They are fully loaded with protein, iron, zinc, and magnesium. They can be added to a salad, roasted for a crispy snack, or even cooked with pasta if needed. 

7. Dry Fruits 

Raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, etc. are filled with proteins and help build up energy instantly. If used in the long run, you will surely get good strength and a boost of energy for your daily physical activity. 

8. Meaty Products 

Meat and chicken products are a good way to ensure proper intake of protein and good fats. Instead of the normally cooked meat products, it is recommended to consume them in boiled form. 

Should You Eat After Swimming as Well?

As per expert nutritionists, you can get very hungry after a swim but that does not mean you will directly go and have food. Experts recommend that swimmers should keep a gap of at least 15 to 30 minutes before grabbing something to eat. 

So, after the gap period is over, you should eat a heavier breakfast, lunch, or dinner that will serve as your major meal and bring your energy back like before. 

So, eating something healthy before swimming and after swimming both are important for one’s body to perform and function normally. 

Expert's tip - what to eat before swimming


You shouldn’t only be concerned about what to eat before swimming as Having discussed the above points, it is clear enough that diet for swimmers is important before swimming as well after swimming. 

Always pay attention to your body’s needs. Keep up with a nutritious diet that includes lots of proteins and carbohydrates to maintain your body and energy levels. Additionally, avoid engaging in heavy physical activities every day as this will hinder your recovery and increase your risk of injury. Instead, include some low activity time in your day as well. 

In addition to eating, swimmers need to also drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Drinking water is advised for swimmers before, during, and after a swim. Intake of fluids is crucial to balancing the body’s fluid loss through sweating.

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