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Why Sometimes Being Lazy is a Good Idea

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Being lazy
Benefits of Being Lazy

Anybody seen lazing around is referred to as a couch potato, crawler, dragger, etc. Laziness is always associated with unproductiveness. Lazy days are not uncommon. Even the busiest person tends to feel lazy at times. If it is a state of mind that everyone gets into at one point in time, then why do we have to view it in a negative light at all times? Studies have shown that the most productive predators are the laziest ones who do nothing for over 18 hours a day. Being lazy is not very simple. You need to work hard to remain idle. Lazy days should be relaxing without any productive thoughts in your mind. Idling will be perfect if you intend to relax your mind.

Benefits of Being Lazy

Being lazy can be one way of coping with stress. More lazy days do not mean being unproductive. It is noticed that people who are lazy focus well on long-term goals. Laziness or diffused thinking is very much required to maintain mental health. 

The younger generation with so many distractions and work pressure is prone to more stress. They need to have free time to de-stress themselves. Individuals who compulsorily mark lazy days in their calendar do not experience burnout. So, contradictory to being in a negative state of mind, lazy days help in relaxing and refreshing your mind for better focus on productive work.

Here are some of the benefits you can derive from laziness:

1. Gives More Focus to Doing Jobs Deferred for the Last Minute

Procrastination or deferring a job might seem like an outcome of being lazy. But it is not always the case. Some people procrastinate because they are indecisive which disables their capacity to follow a timeline for a given job. But some people deliberately procrastinate because they love to work under pressure. They have the talent to manage time and do the job within a given time even if it is delayed to the last minute.

2. Sluggish Individuals May Turn Out to be More Intelligent

When you see a person lazing around, do not label them as dull and stupid. Laziness in them is just superficial as something is running in their mind all the time. Lazy days are the most productive time for them as they help you come up with brilliant ideas. They can even find an easy way of performing difficult tasks. So, next time you have a difficult task, you can entrust it to a slothful person and see how skillfully it will be carried out.

3. Lazy People Prefer High-Impact Work

Lazy people do not drain their energy on unwanted tasks. They generally focus on work that has a greater output with a minimised input. Automating time-consuming work is one such example. 

4. Tactical Laziness can be a Stress-Buster

Oscillating between being busy and idle is very much required for robust mental health. Procrastinating work to do something unproductive can wear out your stress. Being lazy by nature is very different from choosing to have lazy days. Prudent laziness can be a channel for better decisions, creative ideas, and to top it all, better mental health.

5. Lazy Time can Leave You Energised

Lazing in between work is one way of refreshing oneself. A power nap in between work can do wonders. With a recharge of energy, you will be more productive after a short break and will provide better output. It is observed that naps during the daytime and short breaks can help manage sugar and blood pressure levels.

6. Feeling Lazy can Unearth the Issue Restricting Your Productivity

If feeling lazy in between work is not your natural self, then assess the reason for the lethargy. It could be that you tend to feel inactive when you are either hungry or stressed about something. You may be finding it difficult to complete a job or not motivated enough to continue with the task on hand. Generally, repetitive work can give you an inert feeling. There are exercise for lazy people helps identify the symptoms leading to sluggishness.

7. Introspection is Better When You’re Lazy

Sloth is not a negative state of mind always. When you are not burdening your mind with other thoughts, you will have a clear mind to dig deeper into issues that are bothering you. When you take a back seat, you’re able to introspect about what is happening in your life in general.


Anxiety and stress cannot be managed by finding solace in work all the time. You need to feel relaxed to counter anxiety and stress. Planning lazy days to get your mind temporarily shut off to work is the best way to deal with stressful situations. Post lazy days, you will feel more refreshed and energised and will end up being more productive. Sometimes, procrastinating work to do unproductive things can be advantageous. It will de-stress you and you may emerge with creative ideas, better decisions, and robust mental health.

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