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10 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Workout Routine

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

to build muscle

If you are someone who hits the gym regularly, then you know that you are not doing it for mediocrity. You are doing it to build muscle. You charge into your session with all your dedication and make sure that you’re giving every single rep your 110%. 

However, many people fail to utilize the full potential of their workout sessions by not following essential things. Here are ten ways to get more out of your workout routine.

#1. Lift More Weights

Hitting that treadmill for a brief twenty minutes and then calling it a day is not going to cut it. While cardio is essential to keep your body function, doing just cardio can do you more harm than good. Prolonged cardio has been shown to make weight loss more difficult. Instead, people who engaged in resistance based workout weight loss were more likely to build muscle and lose fat.

#2. Get Those Headphones On

Listening to music while you workout is not only cool but has also been proven to boost your body’s feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones make your workout slightly less annoying and also boost your recovery rate while maintaining blood pressure. Next time you hit the gym, take a pair of headphones and put on some tracks that you find relaxing.

#3. Improve Your Warmup Technique

Most gym-goers often skip out on a proper warmup routine before engaging in their workout session and opt for simple stretches instead. While there is nothing wrong with this, it may not be as beneficial or efficient for your workout as you think it is. It has been observed that people who engage in dynamic body weight-based warmups instead of the standard bend and hold techniques were 30% more stable during their workouts. Next time you go for a run, consider putting in a few lunges and burpees to amp up your body.

#4. Load Up On Carbs

A lot of people fail to load on carbs before a workout. You must maintain a proper carb intake before engaging in strenuous physical activity as they act as your body’s fuel. Consider getting in some healthy carbohydrates such as some toast or oatmeal before hitting the gym to experience a smoother workout. Carbs are also helpful to gain weight while bulking. 

#5. Remember To Take Intervals

Whether you are doing in-home exercises or hitting the gym, you must take intervals within your workout. It has been proven that these intervals do more for your cardio and fat loss than any other workout. These intervals are at their highest performance when you are fresh off of a HIIT workout. 

#6. Sleep Better

Getting in a good night’s sleep is essential to ensuring that your workouts are 100% effective. It was observed that poor sleep quality interferes with your performance in the gym and disrupts your body’s post-workout recovery process. If you regularly go to the gym, make sure to sleep for a good 8-9 hours every night.

#7. Get A Massage Every Now And Then 

When you are not in the gym for losing weight, what exercises are best? Try to indulge yourself with a nice massage. Massages help you recover your strength and flexibility after exercise. It also influences your muscle genes to reduce inflammation and increase mitochondria count. 

#8. Indulge In Some Chocolate 

It has been observed that people who engage in cardio exercises showed a staggering improvement in their recovery rate after consuming low-fat chocolate milk as a post-workout supplement. Chocolate milk is an excellent way to cool off from your routine as it has a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. While the proteins are an excellent way to repair your muscles, the carbs make sure that your energy levels are replenished for the next workout. So grab a glass of chocolate milk the next time you hit the gym.

#9. Switch Up

Switching up your exercise routines is not only a good way of avoiding getting bored, but it is also beneficial for your bodybuilding journey. Engaging in different workout circuits or even variations of the same exercise can help alter the deployed muscles every time you do a rep. By doing this, you get a fuller workout and better gains. This method has been proven to work with all ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph body types. 

#10. Get Some Protein Before Bed 

Consuming protein is an excellent way to make sure that your muscles jump into recovery mode post-workout. This process is at its highest potential when you are asleep. This is why aspiring bodybuilders need to consume a bedtime snack rich in casein, a type of protein that takes a while to be digested. This ensures that your amino acid levels and muscle synthesis rates remain at a high all night. A good example of a bedtime snack would be greek yogurt or cottage cheese. 

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