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4 Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss You Must Try

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss

Juices are a great way to gulp down a bunch of nutrients without increasing your weight. A lot of juices go one step further and help to support weight loss. But not all vegetable juices for weight loss are effective. We have listed some of the best vegetable juices that you should definitely try. However, it is important to note that weight loss juices can only take you so far. To expedite your weight loss journey and get remarkable results, you need daily exercise and a proper diet plan. 

Things to Avoid with Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss

If the vegetable juice you are consuming is high in sugar, it may defeat the purpose of having a healthy beverage. High-sugar intake is linked to spikes in blood sugar which may not be desirable for people with diabetes or those who want to lose weight. Processed, readymade juices from the store are often overloaded with sugar to make them taste better. 

However, readymade fruit or veggie juice for weight loss may also have a high salt content. While salt has less relevance with weight management, people with high blood pressure should avoid these juices. Salt (specifically the sodium components of salt) has been linked with increase in blood pressure.

Additionally, the best vegetable juices for weight loss  have a good fibre content provided they are not strained. Fibre is required for smooth digestion and healthy bowel movements. Vegetable juice recipes for weight loss that are high in fibre help to slow down the release of sugar into your blood. If your vegetable juice for weight loss is lacking fibre, avoid it.

Best Vegetables to Juice for Weight Loss

Listed below are some of the best vegetables that can help you with your weight loss journey when taken in juice form. Feel free to add fruits, other veggies, or any healthy element to your vegetable juice recipes for weight loss.

1. Celery

Blending celery with a tiny pinch of salt makes a refreshing and antioxidant-rich beverage. Be sure to consume it immediately and include the celery bits if you want the benefits of fibre. Celery may also reduce inflammation, keeps you hydrated and with a very low calorie count, it is one of the best vegetable juices for losing weight.

2. Beetroot 

Beets are high in fibre and taste great whether blended or juiced. If you plan on juicing it, most of the fibre will be lost. However, it is still packed with important compounds, including certain nitrates. These nitrates help to improve your muscle endurance and may support better workout sessions. 

If you blend the beetroots, the high fibre content can help you to feel full for longer, which goes a long way to assisting weight management. 

3. Lemon and Ginger with Green Veggies 

This is one of the best vegetable juice recipes for weight loss with a tangy kick. Lemon brings a burst of flavour, freshness, and antioxidants. While also adding another flavour to the mix, ginger has been linked with better metabolism and a smaller appetite. Lastly, green veggies like spinach bring the goodness of fibre. 

4. Carrot 

Carrot juice contains plant compounds called carotenoids, which have been linked to decreased belly fat (when consumed regularly). This juice is also a good source of vitamins like Vitamin A and has a high fibre content. 

Adding a squeeze of lime or other flavourings will make this one of your favourite vegetable juice recipes for weight loss.


If you do not have the time to blend and prepare these, finding a healthy store-bought juice could be an option. You may be able to purchase readymade fruit or vegetable juices for weight loss that do not contain sugar or additives. Some fitness and health brands also include the pulp (which contains fibre) in their natural juices but it might be easier to just make it yourself.

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