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4 Vitamins Deficiencies That Can Cause Hair Fall

vitamins for hair loss
Vitamin D 
Vitamin A 

Having to go through hair loss can be a frustrating and confusing experience. Most often, hair fall remains unnoticed until there is some serious damage from it. If you are someone who is suffering from hair loss, checking yourself for low vitamin levels is a good place to start.

Here a four vitamin deficiencies that can lead to hair fall:

Vitamin D 

Vitamin hair loss is one of the most common occurrences among adults. Other than strengthening our bones and muscle fibers, Vitamin D is essential to hair growth as it stimulates hair follicles and regulates the thickness of our hair. A consistent lack of vitamin D in one’s daily food intake has been known to be a possible cause of alopecia areata. Other common symptoms experienced by people who lack Vitamin D include high blood pressure levels, weakness, body pains, nausea and infertility. 

You can avoid developing a Vitamin D deficiency by taking measures such as increasing your exposure to the sun, and consuming whole foods such as nuts, legumes, and eggs which are naturally high in Vitamin D. However it may be difficult for you to meet the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D by consuming only these foods. Consider supplementing your nutritional intake with natural and healthy nutrient sources like HealthKart Vitamin D3 in order to fulfil your vitamin requirements in one go


Biotin is perhaps the most essential nutrient that is required for the optimal health of your hair and skin. It is a protein-based compound that strengthens your hair follicles and maintains your skin elasticity. Apart from this, biotin has also been proven to keep your nails from becoming brittle and reducing glucose levels among diabetic patients. Your body primarily relies on biotin for hair growth.

Developing a biotin deficiency is often considered to be a rare case as we get most of our biotin from food that we consume. Only in isolated cases wherein there is a significant biotin deficiency in the patent during the term of pregnancy do we find a biotin deficiency in the child. However, activities such as drinking and smoking have also been proven to have a negative effect on your body’s biotin levels. Apart from hair loss, other common symptoms of biotin deficiency include memory problems and rashes on the skin. 

One possible way to avoid developing a biotin deficiency would be to consume biotin rich foods such as meat and rice in combination with biotin supplements such as HealthKart Biotin

Vitamin A 

Not only is Vitamin A useful for maintaining your reproductive and immune system, it also plays a primarily role in keeping your hair healthy. The consumption of Vitamin A, also known as retinol, aids the secretion of a substance called sebum in your body. This helps in strengthening the hair follicles and keeps your hair strands from breaking. 

Lack of Vitamin A has shown a direct correlation to the increase in hair fall. Apart from this, other common side effects of having a vitamin deficiency include dry skin, diarrhea and a malfunctioning immune system.

In order to avoid developing a Vitamin A deficiency, try to consume natural and whole food sources such as dark, green leafy vegetables and dietary products that are high in Vitamin A. It is also essential that you regulate your Vitamin A intake as too much of it can have unintended consequences. Consider supplementing your daily nutritional intake with vitamin hair growth supplements such as HealthKart Multivitamin


Iron is one of the most essential nutrients that is required for the proper functioning of your body. It aids the creation of hemoglobin, a component of your blood that helps in transporting oxygen to the cells throughout the body. A significant lack of iron in your body can cause it to enter into survival mode wherein it diverts the oxygen supply to just the fundamental organs in order to keep your body from falling. 

Since the hair is not an essential part of your body, an iron deficiency can potentially cause severe hair loss. This condition gets worse if the iron deficiency develops into proper anemia. Other common side effects of having an iron deficiency can include restless leg syndrome, anxiety, and shortness of breath. 
Some of the steps that you can take to avoid developing an iron deficiency would be to consume natural foods such as berries, broccoli, meat, and fish that are inherently high in iron, along with nutritional supplements such as HealthKart Iron Tablets which are designed to meet the recommended daily allowance for both folic acid and iron in one go.

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