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5 Effective Yoga Asanas for Healthy Hair

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Yoga Asanas for Healthy Hair

Performing yoga is probably the only health and wellness trend that has withstood the test of time and is today one of the most popular forms of physical exercise. There are different asanas (poses) of yoga that can help in weight loss, bone health, improved digestion, better sleep, and even hormonal regulation. However, performing yoga asanas for healthy hair is a relatively new trend. With so many people dealing with issues related to their hair, yoga has recently become their one-stop solution and for good reason.

Benefits of Yoga for Hair

Yoga is a form of physical exercise that involves stretching and breathing coordination. Some forms of yoga (like power yoga) also involve a certain level of strength and stamina training. The benefits of these have been widely researched and one such study has pointed out that yoga effectively helps to reduce stress. And as you all must know, stress is a prime cause of hair loss

The different poses of yoga that help to increase blood circulation to different parts of the body can also help maintain a healthy scalp. This is because upside-down poses help to increase blood flow to the scalp, thereby reducing hair fall. These poses are, therefore, popular as yoga poses for hair fall. Let us take a look at 5 such yoga asanas for healthy hair.

  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana

The Surya Namaskar asana has 12 different stages and Adho Mukha Svanasana is one of them. This pose is a simple downward-facing pose and is essentially a resting pose that helps to stimulate the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the scalp.

This is one of the popular yoga asanas for hair growth and you can do it by first standing up straight with your feet placed hip-width apart. Then, take a few steps back and stretch your arms above your head and let them touch your ears. You must now very carefully bend down and touch your arms to the floor maintaining contact with the ears. Now, hold this pose for at least half a minute; you can choose to go up to 45 seconds.

Always remember to carefully and gradually get back up straight. As a beginner, you must start small and avoid holding this pose for more than 10 to 15 seconds, as you may feel slightly dizzy at first.

  1. Sarvangasana

Among the several yoga poses for hair growth, Sarvangasana is possibly the most challenging one. That is because this asana serves as a full-body exercise and trains you to balance your body. 

You can begin this asana by lying on your back against a wall with your legs facing upwards. Slowly move your arms and place them behind your waist and gently push your body upwards. Once you have mastered this, it is time to do it without the help of a wall. With regular practice, you will soon learn to use your core abdominal strength to balance your entire body on your shoulders.

This asana helps to further increase blood flow to your scalp and helps support the repair of thin and dry hair. However, if you suffer from issues like blood pressure or a slipped disc, then you should always consult your doctor before attempting this asana.

  1. Balasana

Despite the suggestive name, the etymology of this asana has nothing to do with hair. It is in fact known as a child’s (baal in pure Sanskrit) pose. However, Balasana is considered one of the best asanas for hair growth because it provides relief from stress and digestive disorders. These are two prominent reasons for hair fall.

Begin by seating yourself with your knees bent backwards and touching your hips. Start inhaling while you stretch your arms upwards. Slowly bend down until your forehead and the palms of your hands are almost flush with the floor. If you are able to touch your elbows along with this, it is all the better. Stick to this pose for half a minute and focus on your steady breaths.

However, if you are suffering from blood pressure, vertigo, some form of back and neck pain, slipped disc, or even diarrhoea, don’t perform this asana without consulting a doctor. 

  1. Sirsasana

This one is quite similar to Sarvangasana as it involves pushing your legs upwards. Yoga asanas for hair fall control such as this one can provide an instant boost of oxygen-rich blood to your scalp. This can help you combat problems like thinning of hair, receding hairlines, and even baldness.

Start by getting down on your knees. Then, lock the fingers of both of your hands and position them behind your head. Bend down, touching your forehead to the floor, and carefully attempt to raise your legs upwards. It is always better to do this under supervision at first. It is effectively a headstand in which you must balance your entire body on your head. Hold this for at least 10 seconds and then get back on your feet again.

This asana can help you activate the pores of hair on your scalp that were otherwise dormant. It can also help prevent premature greying of hair. 

  1. Matsyasana

Last but not least, Matsyasana or the fish pose is also good for preventing hair loss. Of all the hair growth asanas, this is the most popular one. With the daily practice of Matsyasana, you can get relief from a multitude of hair problems.

Start this asana by lying on your back with your legs crossed but knees bent inwards. Position your hands with downward-facing palms, over your hips. Very carefully and gently thrust your spine upwards in a curved manner. Throughout this, your head should be in contact with the floor. Ensure to stretch your neck and hold this pose for about half a minute.

In a Nutshell

You can quite easily attempt all of these yoga asanas for healthy hair and start caring for your hair the right way. While having a partner or two during yoga is always recommended, most of the asanas described here can be performed solo. Yoga is quickly catching on as a health and wellness practice globally. And it is time you should start practising it to reap the several benefits it has to offer.

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