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Amino Spiking. The scam that rocked the supplement world!

The latest scam to rock the supplement world. What if I told you that protein companies are saying 25g of protein on your Whey protein supplement is actually only giving you 20g of protein?! I would definetly feel horrified at this as I’ve been cheat!

What is Amino Spiking?
Amino spiking or nitrogen spiking as it may be commonly referred to is the process of dumping free form amino acids like Taurine, Glycine and even Creatine to the mix to raise the overall content of protein. So in fact you are getting only 20g of dietary protein and 5g of amino acids. In short, the companies have been lying to you this whole while!

Why is this done?
Simply put, to cut costs. Whey protein has seen a 30% increase in costs year to year from 2009 and is only headed for steeper manufacturing prices. This in turn probes companies to cut corners and put Taurine in, because that is approximately 4x cheaper than the price of whey protein. 

How is this allowed?
There are no clear laws in India and even the FDA in the USA measures protein by nitrogen content. Thus what the companies are doing is completely legal!

Should I be worried?
Absolutely not. A few grams of amino acids will not hinder your progress in any way. Also a company can not actually put less than 20g of protein without some serious inconsistencies in it regarding taste and more importantly mixability. Companies are only doing this to increase their profit margins.

What is the difference between Amino fortification and Amino Spiking?
There are companies that clearly state the amino profile (how much taurine and glyciene) is being added in addition to the full 25g of dietary protein. Companies like this are actually providing amino acids to aid in your recovery in addition to the protein content. This is called amino fortification. Amino spiking is to use amino acids to make up for lack of dietary protein that is stated on the protein supplement.

How do I know if my current protein powder is spiked?
Below are some points to always follow:
1. A protein powder that lists any amio acids like Taurine, Glycine, or even creatine and glutamine straight after the main ingredients is amino spiked
2. A protein powder does not list the amount of creatine in grams or any other measurement but the ingredient is high on the list, can be spiked with creatine
3. Protein powders that have a proprietary amino acid blend are likely to be spiked

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