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DIY Makeup Remover: Easy and Effective Home Remedies

Written By Garima Bahal
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

DIY makeup remover
Home Remedies for Makeup Removal
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Whether it’s only eyeliner or a glimmer of blush on your cheekbones, the right cosmetics application goes a long way. Not removing our makeup at bedtime seems like a good idea at the moment but it can lead to blocked pores, acne, and a dull, lifeless face. You should take off your makeup every night, just like you clean your face every morning, to allow your skin to breathe and rejuvenate itself. But we can’t just pick anything. A strong makeup remover might cause dehydration and harm to our protective skin’s moisture barrier. Help our skin heal naturally by using an effective DIY makeup remover.

Do you realize you don’t have to spend that much money on chemical-laden makeup removers? Finding a homemade makeup remover could thus be a wise decision.

Home Remedies for Makeup Removal

When the party’s over, don’t forget to remove all of the excess contour and mascara using the DIY makeup remover that works for you.

1. Coconut Oil

What is the simplest way to remove makeup? Make use of coconut oil as a homemade makeup remover! Coconut oil is a natural substance that is absorbed quickly into the skin. Coconut oil heals the skin because of its low molecular weight and healthy fatty acids. This magical element wows with its simplicity. Even waterproof makeup can be removed without the use of anything else!

Simply apply a little layer of coconut oil to your facial skin and wipe it away with cotton balls. You may also prepare natural wipes by soaking a large number of cotton swabs in a small container of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is great for when you’re traveling and don’t want to bring a lot of beauty products with you because it has so many uses. Coconut oil is ideal for acne-prone regions, so keep it handy to remove eye makeup if you’re prone to breakouts.

2. Olive Oil

Isn’t it great that you have a homemade makeup remover at hand? To remove pollutants, use moisturizing olive oil mixed with the lovely scent of rose water. Those with dry or sensitive skin will benefit from this.

3. Baking Soda and Honey

This DIY makeup remover is suitable for all skin types. Spread some honey on a cotton ball or a soft cloth that you have in your kitchen. Sprinkle baking soda on top of the honey and let it work as a cleanser and exfoliate.

To remove makeup and wash it off, gently rub the towel or cotton on your face. You can use a facial scrub but it will remove the honey’s aftereffect on your skin. So, it’s best to simply wash with lukewarm water and let the honey’s effect heal your skin cells overnight.

4. Milk 

Milk is well known for its beneficial properties and as a skin-friendly homemade makeup remover. Whole milk contains vital fats and proteins that help our skin retain moisture and repair damaged cells. If you’re curious, milk contains powerful bleaching capabilities and is a natural substance for skin whitening.

Simply soak cotton pads in a small dish of milk and wipe away your makeup with them. For thicker make-up, add a spoonful of almond oil to the mix. This DIY makeup remover will revitalize your skin and keep it nourished. If your skin is overly oily, use a face wash followed by a night cream after you’ve washed off the milk.

5. Cucumber Juice 

Cucumber is an ingredient in many commercial skincare products, such as face washes and cleansers. This is due to the fact that it is a painless healer. It soothes inflamed or acne-prone skin and has anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s a water-based vegetable that works wonders as a home remedy makeup remover, especially for oily skin.

So, the next time you’re having a skin problem or want to get rid of all your makeup quickly, look no farther than your own fridge. Mash the cucumber in a mixer until it forms a paste, then add some olive oil and watch your homemade cleanser transform your life. Your makeup problems will be solved and your skin will be soothed!

6. Shea Butter

Without damaging your pores, this homemade makeup remover also removes excess sebum. Warm a tiny bit of this balm, which contains shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, then gently rub it onto your face to remove makeup.

7. Jojoba Oil

This mild oil removes pollutants and makeup while soothing and protecting the skin. To remove makeup from the delicate area around your eyes, combine it with almond oil.

8. Aloe Vera

Incorporate aloe vera in your evening regimen because it has been shown to help with burns, acne, and dry skin. For makeup removal, just mix aloe water with olive oil and use cotton balls to wipe the makeup off your face. 

9. Steam

Steaming is one of the best home remedies for makeup removal. It’s also one of the most calming cleansers, replenishing the skin from the inside out. You can use steam and a cotton ball to wipe your face before rinsing.

If you’re wearing heavy or waterproof makeup, try any of the above-mentioned home remedies for makeup removal first, then steam to get rid of any remaining impurities. Steam is a popular celebrity skincare routine since it is simple, quick, and effective at unclogging pores and removing dirt and pollutants.

Fill a dish partially with boiling water and a few droplets of oil, cover your face with a towel, and allow the steam to cleanse your skin and soothe your senses.

10. Almond Oil

Almond oil is high in Vitamin E and contains a variety of healthy fats. Because it has a comedogenic grade of 2, it is improbable that it would clog your pores. Water-resistant makeup can be safely removed with it.

A potent antioxidant, almond oil can also protect your skin from oxidative stress and sun damage. It helps to avoid the signs and symptoms of premature aging. Almond oil is suitable for all types of skin – sensitive, dry, and acne-prone.

A Word from HealthKart 

Overall, all of these home remedies for makeup removal are low-cost, extremely safe, easy, and natural. To have a natural glow, avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin and instead go natural. Because your skin and eyes are so delicate, you must treat them with utmost caution. Most importantly, if you don’t want to suffer in the long haul, don’t forget to remove your makeup.

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