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Effective Ways To Bulk Up Without Being Fat

Written By Jyoti Jaswal


 To bulk up without getting fat demands tons of efforts, dedication, self control, and specific training. Maybe you are using BCAA supplements or other supplements from the leading brands, eating more calories from a wide range of sources, or doing strength training for fat loss but you can’t ignore other factors. To burn belly fat and reveal a hard earned shredded body, it takes a lot. A single miss can delay your healthy and effective lean bulk. Needless to say that this article exposes some effective ways to bulk up without being fat. So, don’t go just with a cursory glance as it has a lot to offer.  

Ways To Bulk Up Without Getting Fat: 

Here are ways to bulk muscles that avoid you from gaining fat

  • Nutrients For Gaining Mass:Taking care of nutrients is the best way to gain weight that ensures safety as well. You may be doing intense weight lifting but you need certain kinds of nutrients in your mass gaining supplements. Calories are one of them from different macronutrients. People think only eating carbohydrates can get them enough calories to bulk up. But do you know fat is packed with more calories than carbohydrates. Here are recommended percentages of calories from these macronutrients, you must take care. 
  1. Carbohydrates: 45 to 60% calories
  2. Fats: 15 to 30 % calories
  3. Protein: 30 to 35 % calories 
  • Supplements: Though there are plenty of sources of gaining calories from different natural sources like meat, milk, eggs, starchy vegetables, whole grains, and many more, use supplements for better results. Use the best tasting whey protein, as it carries large amounts of calories in a small serving. For the same amount of calories, you need to take a large amount of meal unlike the supplements. So, it is always preferred to support your lean bulk body with them. 
  • Include High Calorie Rich Foods: Though you can get high calories from the supplement, your body needs various other nutrients to support your journey. So include some high calories rich foods in your diet to lose fat and gain muscle that includes bananas, peas, kale, parsnip, sweet potatoes, beet, brussels sprouts, fish, meat, nuts, seeds, and others. These are ultimate sources of calories you should take with your mass gainer  to get the results faster. MuscleBlaze and other leading brands offer the best mass gainers in India. 
  • Train Hard: When we say train hard that means exercises that burn fat not the muscles. So, avoid intense cardio and schedule the exercise for building muscle from your trainer. Make sure your exercises are cutting fats and strengthening muscles. To get faster results, Yes,  you should take the nutrients before the training but also don’t forget to take the supplements that build muscle after your training. 

Body bulking gets easy without getting fat with these tips. Along with these tips, sleep properly, stay hydrated, give time to your body to get recovered. With all these factors are required to get lean bulking. If even one gets missed, you may suffer the issues like obesity, restlessness, weak muscles, and others. So, take the right step and make your fitness journey easy. 

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