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Full Shoulder Exercise: Top 4 Dumbells Workouts

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Improving your shoulder strength can help enhance your shoulder functions and reduce imbalances while lifting weights. So, if you want to train your shoulders with full shoulder exercises, dumbbells are all you need. Using dumbbells helps engage a variety of shoulder muscle groups and enhance overall stability. In this blog, you will discover a range of the best shoulder exercises that will help you get jacked shoulders.

Best Shoulder Workout List

There is a wide range of exercises to include in your shoulder workout routine that you can do to amplify gains in your shoulders. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Dumbbell Front Raise

This is a great full shoulder exercise that works well for isolating the anterior deltoid, or front shoulder muscles. With your palms towards your legs, hold dumbbells in front of you while standing. Raise your arms straight up in front of you to shoulder level, maintaining a slight bend in your elbows and knees. Return to the starting position slowly. 

  • Beginner: Go at a steady pace up and down. One to 2 seconds up, one to two seconds down. Avoid leaning back or locking out your elbows.
  • Intermediate: Try combining front, lateral, and reverse fly shoulder raises into one sequence and reducing the rest time between sets to 30 seconds.
  • Specialist: There is no break in between sets. Combine the lateral and front raises.

2. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Your upper back and posterior deltoids are engaged when you lift laterally. Hold dumbbells while standing with your palms facing the thighs. Raise your arms out from your sides in broad arcs to around shoulder level, keeping your elbows and knees slightly bent. End this full shoulder exercise by returning to the starting position slowly.

  • Aim: You can do 2 reps in three-four sets.
  • Beginner: Start with a steady pace and raise and lower your arm. Try to do it slowly in 2 to 3 seconds up and then down. While doing this, avoid leaning back or locking your elbows.
  • Intermediate: Consider cutting the rest time in half between sets to thirty seconds and combining the shoulder lifts from the front, side, and back in one sequence.
  • Expert: With no break in between sets. In one sequence, perform fly shoulder lifts on the front, lateral, and reverse sides. 

3. Reverse Fly

This exercise stimulates the rhomboid and middle trapezius muscles of your upper back in addition to your posterior deltoids. Hold dumbbells while standing with your palms facing each other. As you bend forward, your torso should make a 45-degree angle with the ground. Raise the dumbbells upward and then outward to the sides until they are parallel to the floor, keeping your elbows slightly bent. While doing this full shoulder exercise, concentrate on pressing your shoulder blades together as you raise the weights.

  • Beginner: Throughout the movement, maintain a strong, flat, neutral posture for your spine. Use a bench that is inclined to support yourself if you are not strong enough to complete this task by yourself today.
  • Intermediate: Divide your rest time equally and do the shoulder lifts from all sides in one sequence.
  • Expert: Perform all the fly shoulder lifts in one sequence on the front, lateral, and reverse sides.

4. Seated Military Press

This is a perfect full shoulder exercise that helps strengthen the anterior, medial, and rear deltoid muscles as well as the upper back. Bend the elbows and keep your palms facing out. Sit with a dumbbell in each hand and bring the weights to shoulder height. Arms straightened, press the weights up and towards each other. Remember to maintain your elbows slightly bent at the height of the exercise. Lower the weights gradually, then take a step back and start again.

  • Beginner: To lessen the strain on your back and abs during the shoulder press, use a bench with back support. Keep your arms straight and in line with your ears while concentrating on your entire range of motion from your shoulders.
  • Intermediate: Take off the back support and lower yourself to the ground in two seconds, then return to the starting position.
  • Expert: Get to your feet. While keeping the weights lowered gradually and under control, think about incorporating an explosive lift.

Ideally, aim to do 12 reps of 4 sets and take a 60-second break between each set of the above-mentioned dumbbell exercises.

Final Word

If you wish to improve your weightlifting performance, you need to strengthen your shoulder muscles. In order to do so, you can rely on the most commonly used gym equipment, i.e., dumbbells.  You can use dumbbells to do any type of full shoulder exercise such as the dumbbell front raise, dumbbell lateral raise, reverse fly, and seated military press. Remember to do the exercise based on your fitness levels to avoid injury.

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