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Get to Know Your Customers Day: Taking Care of Everyone’s Fitness Needs

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Get to know your customers day

Customer is the king in every business. That is why many businesses are up to attracting customers with lucrative deals. But only a few know that they can only thrive if they provide value to their customers. Providing value to the customers is not possible until you know your customers and understand their pain areas or needs. Celebrated on January 20 every year, Get to Know Your Customers Day gives a reminder to every business owner that they should never forget the role their clients play. It highlights how important it is to empathise with the customers. 

How HealthKart Understands You

At HealthKart, there’s no compromise when it comes to ensuring a seamless and satisfactory customer experience. The HealthKart mobile app has a calorie intake calculator, exercise tracker, and fitness tracker. With this exercise tracker app, checking almost everything related to your fitness becomes quite easy. Listed below are the ways in which it is changing its user’s experience as well as lifestyle: 

1. Calories Calculator 

For weight management, whether you’re planning to gain or reduce, calorie count plays an important role. People need higher calories while bulking up and low calories while leaning. Manually, it becomes difficult to track calories. So, you can use the HealthKart app as a calorie intake calculator. 

You just need to choose your fitness regime and diet. It will then show how many calories you need to add or burn as per your goal. It also shows how many calories you have gained or burnt as per the diet you’ve taken. 

2. Diet Plan Checker 

To choose a right diet plan, you need to just choose in this fitness tracker app what regime you want to follow. You will also get an option to choose vegetarian or non vegetarian diets. The app also gives you access to the diet plans designed by health experts and nutritionists. 

3. Workout Plan Tracker

HealthKart offers you a wide range of workout plans from the professionals. You can follow any of them or prepare your own. In this exercise tracker app you will get an option where you can curate a weekly plan for your workout all by yourself.

4. Consultation App 

Many health experts, doctors, and nutritionists have already joined the HealthKart family where they use their expertise to help people stay healthy. 


Knowing your consumers or prospects is of utmost importance and Get to Know Your Customers Day is celebrated to remind all business owners of this fact. HealthKart dedicatedly works towards knowing its consumers and their needs, helping them reach their fitness goal efficiently. With its mobile app, HealthKart is aiming towards enhancing the lifestyle of all the fitness enthusiasts out there.

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